Manic Monday Number 20 – Almost over my head in it…

Happy Monday to all you great bloggies, I don’t know what it is lately but I’m really struggling to get any time to do anything. I’m kind of thinking maybe the universe is telling me to take a break and leave it for a bit…

I’m not sure but it’s stressing me out trying to do stuff, well actually it’s just annoying me that I can’t do anything. It silly becasue I can’t even type ti the right way around.

I need help.

Update of last week – nothing. NO Geeky Guide to WordPress, no Great Galactic service station… nothing.



Solar System Exploration



The only thing that really happened this week was the scheduled visit to Uranus in my Solar System Exploration series




My next E-Art post didn’t get completed last week so I’m going to see if I can get some colour into this Minion.





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What have you guys been up to?

Keep smiling and blogging!

Planet Simon


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28 thoughts on “Manic Monday Number 20 – Almost over my head in it…

      1. Then you definitely need to take a break. I have done so for months at a time and all my friends were still there when I came back. Watch a slew of movies, read some books and your head will fill with ideas again.


  1. Can’t be everywhere and everywhen Simon, I tried it, and ended up so flummoxed nothing got done.
    You are doing splendid work on your blog but time for a time-out.

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  2. No worries Simon. Sometimes I feel that way too. Maybe sometimes one has to pair down their blogging schedule to take a break and deal with other things in life. Hope you are doing well, otherwise 🙂

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      1. Yes, it’s always a fun place. Even just sitting by the pool before I burn in 20 minutes lol. I will enjoy it very much Simon. Enjoy your break too.

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