Taking a break

Hi guys… Just to let you know I’m taking a break.

I hope to be back soon but I’ll see how it goes.

I hope to be able to catch up with reading your posts a bit so I’ll be about but activity here is stopping for a few weeks at least.

Take care you guys and keep writing.

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The Geeky Guide to WordPress – Scheduling Posts

As I’ve been doing this blogging thing a little while now and it seemed a good idea to pass on a few of the things that I’ve learned over the five years that I’ve been doing this. In easy and often geeky steps you’ll be taken through the steps and point out the pitfalls of taking your blog seed and growing it into something really amazing.


Scheduling is a really useful tool for bloggers, it means that posts can be planned days, weeks, months or even (if a blogger wants to) years in advance. Reasons for scheduling include:

  • Publishing a post relevant to another part of the world at a time relevant to them.
  • Publishing a post relevant to an event.
  • Publishing posts at times when the blogger isn’t able to.

What this means is that this simple little feature can give the blogger the power to publish when they want for whatever reason. Your blogging followers can catch up with new material and you may be away on holiday at work or anything else.

At first this feature confused and upset me and it was all going wrong, looking back at the time the WordPress scheduled feature didn’t take into account summer times. Fortunately it’s much easier now, but be warned I have noticed that they keep messing with this. So it might not stay the same for long.

Publishing with the Schedule Function

Up on the top right there’s the publish button. Once upon a time all it did was publish right away, now it does more. To schedule, create your beautiful lovely post and then hit publish.



This useful little thing appears in the top right of the screen, click on the Publish Immediately drop down and then you will see this:


From here the publish time and date can be set, where a circle is around a date there are posts already published or scheduled. When the mouse arrow hovers over any of these the posts(s) being published that day are shown with a time so the right time can be chosen.

Next click on the hours and minutes and set the time, don’t forget to choose between AM or PM. If when you type the hours number in you use 24hr format, this does choose the right AM or PM for you which is quite nice.

So that’s scheduling down, pop by next week to see what’s next. What are the things that you face with WordPress? What do you find hard to get your head around?

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Manic Monday Number 20 – Almost over my head in it…

Happy Monday to all you great bloggies, I don’t know what it is lately but I’m really struggling to get any time to do anything. I’m kind of thinking maybe the universe is telling me to take a break and leave it for a bit…

I’m not sure but it’s stressing me out trying to do stuff, well actually it’s just annoying me that I can’t do anything. It silly becasue I can’t even type ti the right way around.

I need help.

Update of last week – nothing. NO Geeky Guide to WordPress, no Great Galactic service station… nothing.



Solar System Exploration



The only thing that really happened this week was the scheduled visit to Uranus in my Solar System Exploration series




My next E-Art post didn’t get completed last week so I’m going to see if I can get some colour into this Minion.





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What have you guys been up to?

Keep smiling and blogging!

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