Digital Art with Inkscape – Creating the First Drawing

Over the last few months I’ve been experimenting with approaches to create illustrations in digital and I’ve been sharing these. I’ve also been keen to work out how to take and improve on hand drawn sketches and ideas and bring them into digital too. Key to this has been learning how to use Inkscape or at least to get by with it and find out what it can do. This is the first in a series of posts which I’m hoping will help others to pick up the same techniques I have and bring their own creations to life.

In this second post I’m going to go through creating a drawing step by step, showing the different functions I’m using to create it. My subject matter for this drawing is…


Because hey – why not?


Unlike some other programs I can’t see a ‘create rounded rectangle’ feature. This is bad in one way but good in another, we have to create the shape and learn Inkscape a bit more.

The way I did this was to create a shape like this using the Draw Bezier Curves / Straight Lines tool.


Once this was created I used the Edit Paths by Nodes tool to round off the body of my Minion.


Next I crudely drew in a leg on one side and a shoe, again using a combination of the draw and edit path tools. I then copied the leg and used Object >> Flip Horizontal (H) to flip the leg and foot over to the other side.

I placed a circle for the glasses, on the right a tools for playing with the colour and thickness of the line.


With that done I enlarged and copied the glasses and drew the eye in and copied that. The reason why copying is great is that it’s easier to create an identical object that way rather than drawing it again and eyeballing the size.

I also added the band for the glasses.


Next I added an arm and as with the feet I copied and flipped the arm to give our minion two of them. The key trick with using the draw bezier curves / straight lines tool is how to draw the curves. It sometimes needs a kick to get started with curves, I found that holding down the left mouse button is useful for drawing curves.


Next I embellished him with some detail, a smile (becasue Minions smile right?!?) hair and of course his outfit. This was all done with the draw bezier curves / straight lines tool. To me this is the really powerful feature of Inkscape – straight lines and curves in one tool

There we have it – a minion. Ok so I have done him some more fancy feet but this is to kind of show you the kind of drawing detail that can be achieved with Inkscape. Next he needs colouring but that’s for the next part!

How did you guys find this – if you tried it how did you get on? What are the things that you struggle with?

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  1. too bad nazi WP doesnt let us load SVG directly. you have to self host WP for that or go with a differemt solution. do you have any animated SVGs on CodePen? this spaceship thing seems right for that.

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