Hi there bloggies, happy Monday to you all. I hope you all have a good week and meet any goals you might have. I tend not to se goals, that way I can’t not meet them. But anyways, onto what last week brought to Planet Simon and a little of what to look out for this week.

The next part of the Great Galactic Service Station didn’t get out on Friday, I was kind of hoping I would get it out last week as it’s pretty much only got another part or two left. All good things come to an end and all that.

The Geeky guide to WordPress continued with…

Blogging on WordPress

Understanding your stats so  far this post tops the lot as the post that brought surprises to most bloggies. From those who didn’t realise there was an about page to the nuggets that the stats page holds there was mush to peek the interest of the reader.

What do you look for in your stats? Are you just looking at views or something else?


Solar System Exploration

The Solar System Exploration exploration series zoomed into the asteroid belt and onto Ceres last week. This tiny little planetoid had a lot of interest around it when it was first viewed with it’s bright spots. But there’s a lot more around that part of the solar system too.




I’ve been threatening this for ages, but last week saw the first post on Digital Art. Starting with Inkscape this first post covered some of the basics and was a useful albeit a little boring first post on the subject. This week is a little more interesting, with a first little drawing to get the interested artist going and drawing in Inkscape. Look out for it!




Escribble has got some action planned in for this week, keep an eye out especially for the found poem on the queen’s sick swans. Universe of Possibilities saw a little action last week with a post on the concepts of spaceships in science fiction and my views on how they measure up with what would be needed in real life and the problems with them.


Along with everyhing else I posted my thoughts on discovering alien civilisations being a question of time and space as well. I thought it was pretty good, scary and took my brain to some interesting places.

Work is continuing with keeping Planet Simon fresh and easy to use. I hope that this week will see the first part of my digital art series to see airtime. Keep an eye out… I hope that these are going to be good!



If you’re on Twitter make sure you follow @BlogBashChat and join us all for a blogging chat on the first Sunday of every month 7pm British time. It’s a great little thing that’s growing and you get to find out more about blogging and Bloggers! The last chat was yesterday and there will be another one next month!

What have you guys been up to?

Keep smiling and blogging!

Planet Simon


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7 thoughts on “Manic Monday Number 18 – Driving Forward

      1. I’m going to try and see if I can create my own in Gimp soon… I like a lot of these images but there’s nothing like your own 😀


  1. I analyse my stats very scientifically; the more pretty flags the better and the more coloured in bits on the map, the more excited I am. So if someone in Russia likes my blog it looks impressive on the map.

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