Solar System Exploration – Uranus

We're really getting far away from the sun now as our exploration takes us to Uranus. Uranus is the first planet to have been discovered in relatively modern times with a telescope. It was discovered by William Hershel in 1781 who at first thought he had discovered a comet. Uranus is the ancient deity God... Continue Reading →

What is a Wormhole?

  Science fiction loves a wormhole - it takes us between places and realities very quickly. But what are they? This explains...   Credit: Astronomyblog on Tumblr Planet Simon   Also find Planet Simon on Twitter Come and visit find me on my Planet Simon Facebook Page Find some of my pictures on Instagram Also look... Continue Reading →

Solar System Exploration – Saturn

Moving away from Jupiter, our next visitor is Saturn. Saturn is twice the distance from the sun than Jupiter is, so there is a long, cold gap between the two worlds. This isn't surprising as the gravitational pull of these two planets would either capture or knock away any other object of any substantial mass.... Continue Reading →

Solar System Exploration – Jupiter

Moving away from the rocky planets of the inner solar system the first planet in this region is the king of the planets - Jupiter. This is especially fitting as Juno has just entered orbit of Jupiter at the start of it's mission to find out more about this giant. Veiled in colourful clouds of... Continue Reading →

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