Manic Monday Number 14 – Shooting into Space!


Hello all and happy Monday to you all, it’s the start of another week and there’s lots going on on Planet Simon and it’s little satellites and as usual I like to keep you all abreast of it all and to make sure that I at least get this post out in any week that I’m busy.


The Great Galactic Service Station

Ralph and his chums are going through more Great Galactic Service Station shennanigans

The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 13


There’s been another two part to the Geeky guide to WordPress

Blogging on WordPress

The Geeky Guide to WordPress – Making a Contact Page

The Geeky Guide to WordPress – Customising a Blog Page



Solar System Exploration

My Solar System exploration feature is back too, updated with some nifty custom graphics. Starting i the middle the sun was the first piece in this:

Solar System Exploration – The Sun





escribble has some new stuff coming this week, like my first attempt at an Apple Tar Tatin. If you’ve not visited the site go and have a look, it’s kind of like the more personal and geeky bits from Planet Simon, a bit of the old and some new stuff too! Look out for a new post on Universe of Possibilities this week, how does Sci-Fi make you feel when you read / watch it and how have the big names carried this on over the years?



If you’re on Twitter make sure you follow @BlogBashChat and join us all for a blogging chat on the first Sunday of every month 7pm British time. It’s a great little thing that’s growing and you get to find out more about blogging and Bloggers! The last chat was yesterday and there will be another one next month!

What have you guys been up to?

Keep smiling and blogging!

Simon 🙂


Planet Simon



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