NASA technology and how it’s making life safer for the human race.


It’s often hard to appreciate the benefits to the human race of space exploration, but there are so many things that we use everyday that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for NASA and space exploration.

This post highlights some of the safety systems used that were originally developed by NASA.


Credit: NASA


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11 thoughts on “NASA technology and how it’s making life safer for the human race.

  1. Thanks so much for the reminder Simon.
    The wonder of scientific research there are often unintended beneficial consequences.

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  2. Nice article, I don’t really see the need to spend so much of our tax dollars on going to mars or space travel in that respect, but it very good to know that the knowledge being gathered from the research is being used to improve life here on plant earth. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. For me I just watch as I’m from the UK, but the economics of space exploration is more complex than that. I’ve been told that for every $1 the US government has spent on the space race the US economy has made $11 back. This is off the back of inventions and technology.


      1. That’s awesome, never heard that before. Here in America, the average worker pays 3 months of their wages to the government in taxes. I know NASA is now getting a lot of private money and not as much from government. Thanks for your reply.


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