Manic Monday Number 13 – With Eggs and Bunnies


As this post goes out the UK is enjoying a public holiday and that includes me too. I hope everyone yesterday had a good Easter. I’m still not sure how eggs and bunnies have anything to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ but there you go.

So what’s been going on here on Planet Simon, well have a look at the blog roll, But The Great Galactic Service Station Part 12 was posted on Friday, the there was 10 Things to know in the Solar System This week10 Things to know in the Solar System This week and The Second Part of the Geeky Guide to WordPress.

Blogging on WordPress

What’s interesting about writing the Geeky Guide to WordPress is that it’s obvious that there’s bloggers out there with problems and are being quiet about it. What I would say is ask… Not just me but other bloggers that have been around a while.

Universe of Possibility saw some action last week too, a post on Sci-Fi Moments – When Machines Die that was originally posted here on Planet Simon. Despite the fact hat they’re just machines or robots, in the scifi world we can get very attached to them and maybe shed a tear when they’re trashed.

Another thing I’ve noticed this week, was the presence of a troll going about leaving not nice comments about, nothing nasty just annoying and not necessary. If you get this and it bothers you, let someone know. I’ve told this person to do one and they turned on me. Meh, whatever. But if you’re the person and reading this, save your time, mine and anyone else’s and just bugger off.


I’ve know I’ve promised to get some posts going about using InkScape and Gimp for the budding artists out there, patience, it’s taking a bit longer than I hoped to get this started but I’m hoping it’s going to be really good once I’m there.

Solar System Exploration

Also watch out for the solar system exploration series returning, with some snappy graphics and updated information I hope this will turn into the project I originally envisioned.

escribble has some new stuff coming this week, like my first attempt at an Apple Tar Tatin. If you’ve not visited the site go and have a look, it’s kind of like the more personal and geeky bits from Planet Simon, a bit of the old and some new stuff too! Look out for a new post on Universe of Possibilities this week, how does Sci-Fi make you feel when you read / watch it and how have the big names carried this on over the years?



If you’re on Twitter make sure you follow @BlogBashChat and join us all for a blogging chat on the first Sunday of every month 7pm British time. It’s a great little thing that’s growing and you get to find out more about blogging and Bloggers!

What have you guys been up to?

Keep smiling and blogging!

Simon 🙂


Planet Simon



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10 thoughts on “Manic Monday Number 13 – With Eggs and Bunnies

  1. Wooooah, you’ve a lot going on… Even bank holiday Monday is manic on Planet Simon! I’m looking forward to seeing more Solar System stuff, and more drawing tips! Hope you had a good break… Oh, and the bunnies and eggs are a throwback to pagan times, when we celebrated fertility and the arrival of spring. When Christianity arrived on these shores, they fitted the new Christian festivals into the existing calendar of celebrations, as a way of making the new religion more appealing. Hence, bunnies, eggs and a festival that falls suspiciously close to the spring equinox! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Especially bank holiday is crazy, I’m at work for a damn rest now lol.
      Every religious festival goes back to pagan times. It makes me laugh in Church when they sing about the holly and the ivy. I found out some time ago that the old church times the festivals to coincide with the pagan rituals to make them popular. It makes you wonder what the damn point is.

      You are a fountain of knowledge! 🙂


      1. As are you! I suppose I can see the point of doing this though – if you’re trying to convert a bunch of unwilling folk to your way of thinking, it probably doesn’t help to kick off with “Hey, you know those feast days you love so much? GONE!” 😆

        Liked by 1 person

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