10 Things: Journey to the centre of Mars

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Manic Monday Number 16 – Trying to keep up

Hi there bloggies, happy Monday to you all! It's been a bit of a struggle keeping up with you all and all you comments so I'm sorry for the lateness of replies and responding to you all. I managed to get a few posts out last week, thanks mainly to forward planning and scheduling. Thank... Continue Reading →

Solar System Exploration – Earth

Our exploration of the Solar system moves away from the fiery inner solar system to find a blue planet in the more temperate climes of space - we find our own planet Earth. Earth was not named after Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses like other planets and moons in the solar system. Instead the... Continue Reading →

Event Horizon – 20 Years of waiting

Despite the fact I'm a massive sci-fi fan I rarely get to see the films actually when they come out. This was definitely the case with Even Horizon, which I've recently seen after its release over 20 years ago. First of all this film disagreed with me greatly becasue despite being a supposedly science fiction... Continue Reading →

Solar System Exploration – Mercury

  Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, it's surface is very similar to the moon, rocky and cratered but with the difference that it's surface temperature ranges from 430°C to - 180°C. Mercury orbits the sun every 88 days and completes two rotations for every three orbits around the sun - making a... Continue Reading →

NASA technology and how it’s making life safer for the human race.

  It's often hard to appreciate the benefits to the human race of space exploration, but there are so many things that we use everyday that wouldn't exist if it wasn't for NASA and space exploration. This post highlights some of the safety systems used that were originally developed by NASA.   https://nasa.tumblr.com/post/170152214274/6-ways-you-are-safer-thanks-to-nasa-technology Credit: NASA... Continue Reading →

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