Manic Monday Number 9 (with no snow)

Yeah! The snow is gone and I no longer have to drive around at 5 miles an hour to get anywhere!

Last week was terrible, Not just for driving but for blogging too and I got pretty much nothing out there if I’m honest. I think the only thing I did get out was the nearly spring walk with Slartibartfast on escribble.


This week hopefully will see the next part of the Great Galactic Service Station posted and I’m getting closer to publishing a new series of really useful posts that I hope are going to inspire a lot of you!

For now I’m just going to put up last week’s updates again.


Planet Simon has completed it’s little facelift and will hopefully make much of the targeted content more accessible. Have a look and  aplay and see what you think.



escribble is starting to come along nicely, with a mix of old and new posts I’m hoping that it’s going to become a blog of interest becasue I’m mixing the good and the bad of life into it. It’s going to be a fun little place so have a look and if you feel inclined hit the follow button.


The first post on Science fiction concepts has been posted into Universe of Possibilities. This first look at concepts explores a little of what I mean and why they’re important.

Death Star



If you’re on Twitter make sure you follow @BlogBashChat and join us all for a blogging chat on Sunday night at 7pm British time. It’s a great little thing that’s growing weekly and you get to find out more about blogging and Bloggers!

That’s it really not much going on! What have you guys been up to?

Keep smiling and blogging!

Simon 🙂


Planet Simon



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23 thoughts on “Manic Monday Number 9 (with no snow)

  1. Amazing output Simon. You’ve obviously cracked this Quantum Gravitational ‘thing’ and made another extra couple of hours in the day.

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  2. They are predicting several inches of snow in NYC tomorrow. I am ready for winter to be over so that doesn’t make me particularly excited but if it comes, I will do my best to enjoy. Make some snow angels or something.

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      1. It can get into downright panic mode here in the city when a snowstorm is predicted. Right now, the kids have a snow day even though it hasn’t started snowing properly yet – it is expected to snow during the day while they would be in school and thus it would be hard for them to get home 😦

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  3. I loved the snow – it caused less disruption here than Cyberspouse deciding to upgrade our Virgin Box and now we have no Wi Fi after it went wrong. My Samsung phone is my only connection to the outside world!

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