The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 12

The ground shook under all of them, like an earthquake the shaking grew. Even the fighting cronies stopped their scrapping and stood, waiting for whatever was going to happen next. The ground shook so severely that all but a few were knocked to ground. A huge crack opened into the ground, some of the few... Continue Reading →

Magical Views of Titan and it’s Atmosphere

Titan - the largest of Saturn's moons and a place of mystery, suggested it could be a mini deep frozen early Earth, with lakes of liquid Methane and a thick atmosphere these shots show the magic of this mysterious world. Credit: Astronomy Blog on Tumblr and NASA   Planet Simon   Also find... Continue Reading →

Pluto – Close up Montage

This is a combined image made up of five pictures taken during the New Horizons flyby of Pluto. I combined them with a useful little app I've found... cool eh?   Image credits: NASA Planet Simon   Also find Planet Simon on Twitter Come and visit find me on my Planet Simon Facebook Page Find some of... Continue Reading →

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