The Falcon Heavy – Where it stands in the Rocket League

With the first launch of Space X’s Falcon Heavy rocket – where it stands against the rockets of the world through time gives us an idea of the power these modern rockets are going to be able to provide.


Simon 🙂

Credit: Reddit Tumblr Page


23 thoughts on “The Falcon Heavy – Where it stands in the Rocket League

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  1. Watched the launch earlier today and the landing. Very impressive stuff. The rockets of the world graphic is very cool. Wish it showed Pegasus, I mean how many rockets get dropped off the belly of a plane?!?!

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      1. You should check it out, it is the worlds first privately developed space launch vehicle. Most people think that bragging right belongs to SpaceX but it doesn’t. That feet was accomplished back in 1990. And yes, I’ve been fortunate to see a few launches in my time. I was in Florida last August and saw one of SpaceX’s launches and landings. That is something else let me tell you. If you ever get the chance to see a launch you’ve got to do it. There’s nothing like it!

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