Manic Monday Number 5 :-)

So here we are firmly planted in February and the gloom of January is firmly behind us! This is where we get the first brighter peeks of 2018, we can now believe that Spring is coming and that it’s not far off now.

What’s been going on in the last week. Much the same as normal, lots of stuff going on, not had any writing time etc etc…

I was interviewed by Kate and she’s published the interview on her Meet the Bloggers site: Planet Simon Interview. I’ll probably be re-blogging this in the next day or so as well!


Last week I talked about changes…I keep changing things I know and I’ve changed them again. I used to be indecisive but really I’m not sure about that now! lol

So what have I done now? Well, late last year I created two new sites to highlight my creative work. I realised that this was crap – If I want to highlight that work it needs to be here. But I also feel like I wanted to be able to say things that maybe weren’t in the spirit of Planet Simon (nothing bad, just random stuff) and perhaps express some more personal things. So – frontier imagination and Creation will be defunct and deleted soon. Instead welcome to My Virtual Whiteboard. This blog will go over a lot of my old work, which is not so relevant on this blog anymore, it’s going to have new stuff on there and it’s going to be a more of what it says. A virtual scribble board of thoughts and ideas where this blog will move more towards my creative side, include more valuable content and it will mean I can make it easier to find for everyone which has been my main headache.

Anyways, go and have a look at the new place, There’s not too much to see yet much of it is carry overs from this blog but the structure of the site should get you to some of the fun stuff that was previously hidden on Planet Simon.



There are some things that have been held up by creating the new site, new and fun stuff is on the way on digital art, more writing, more stories and I’m hopefully going to add some character creation ino the mix as well!

Part 10 of the Great Galactic Service Station wis on it’s way later this week I hope. So watch out for that!


What have you guys been up to?


Also make sure you follow up what’s going on in the rest of the Planet Simon universe:

Planet Simon Facebook Page






Keep smiling, and blogging!

Simon 🙂

10 thoughts on “Manic Monday Number 5 :-)

  1. Amazing effort and creativity Simon.
    I am honestly wishing you much success, you deserve it mate!
    Folk have to know about you….Reblogged

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, you put a great deal of inventiveness and variety into your blog Simon…so as the saying goes ‘Credit, where credit is due!’ 😃

        Liked by 1 person

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