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I wouldn't be that cruel unless you insisted... Simon ;-P


Manic Monday Number 7 (with snow)

See me in the featured image? That's what I want right now... Not this: But it looks like that snow is what a lot of England is in for weather (see what I did there?!?) we like it or not! Anyway, down to the events of the last week.     Planet Simon has completed... Continue Reading →

Manic Monday Number 7 :-D

Right bloggies - listen up becasue there's a lot to get through this week! After the blog split with escribble I now  have to re-sort out Planet Simon and tidy up how it looks when a casual browser or blogger find it. Up until now it's been a bit messy with all the categories and different features... Continue Reading →

Introducing Parallel Magic: The Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Show

Kate M Colby has created the Parallel Magic podcast, so for all of those into Scifi and dark fantasy reading this is something you should look into!


Kate M. Colby

If you read my January update or follow me on social media, you’ve probably caught the unofficial announcements… but now, I’m pleased to officially introduce Parallel Magic: The Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Show.

Parallel Magic PodcastIn this podcast, Jonas Lee (my friend and fellow author) and I discuss science fiction and fantasy novels over a drink. We started the show to create a virtual book club, where sci-fi/fantasy readers from around the world could chat about the books we love while enjoying the simple camaraderie of a drink (alcohol optional, of course!).

Thus far, we’ve aired two episodes. The first dives into Scythe by Neal Shusterman, along with all the existential crises a book about (im)mortality can bring. The second episode, which aired today, covers Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, as well as my first embarrassing Champagne pop, epic space battles, and the book’s brain-blowing (and not-so-brain-blowing twists).


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