Coincidences – Is the Universe rarely so lazy?

I’ve been on this Earth a little while now and if there’s one thing I’m increasingly convinced that doesn’t exist or is rare it’s coincidences. The premise is that on your path in life many, many other paths cross yours in different ways and these are totally random events. But I’m not so sure.


Do coincidences exist? Possibly, probably, maybe. But as Mycroft Holmes said to Sherlock when he was summing up some facts and trying to explain them as coincidence “The universe is rarely so lazy” and I think this is a better way to look at it.

Let me try and convince you:

  • Have you ever been talking about someone from your past, or even thinking about them and they suddenly get in touch, or maybe even better, more than one person and they get in touch at nearly the same time.
  • Or what about this, you’re five minutes late to go to work or some other place. Seething you make the journey only to find some unfortunate soul(s) have been caught up in an accident or something. If you had left on time that was likely to be you.
  • How about this to make you think – when you go out you frequently bump into the same person, different times, different places. What are the odds?
  • Ever had the queezy feeling that something is going to happen? Good or bad, something you couldn’t plan or would be hard to predict? Then when it happens you chalk it down to a coincidence?



These ‘coincidences’ can be taken in two ways, the first is at face value these are random happenings. But what are the odd of this – can it really be explained away like that?

What if we’re more connected than it seems at face value?

What if the ‘universe’, God’ or whatever creative force we believe in somehow guides, manipulates or even controls the events that take place in our lives?

Do our thoughts and our desires or fear influence some of the outcomes in our lives?



It’s food for thought isn’t it? I’ve often heard people saying that good things won’t happen if you think negatively. This implies if we think positively that good things will happen. I can’t argue with that, I’m not saying that if you think life is roses that riches and all you desires will come true but sure as hell it won’t if you don’t get out of a pit of negativity.

The other thing I found out recently was that according to astrology Saturn passing through your star sign isn’t a great thing, Saturn essentially encourages growth by breaking apart your life, smashing things about and taking away so that you have to rebuild. Since 2014 my life has been pretty riddled with a lot of shit and I’ve often been left wondering what the hell is going on. Guess what? Saturn entered my sign (Sagittarius) in 2014 and decided to leave late last year.

Is this a coincidence? Typically I’ve never taken astrology seriously. But you know nothing else in reason, or belief explains the last few years except this. So what am I to think? Is this just the human nature to be able to explain the things that happen in our lives and seek out something, anything that makes sense?


The weird thing about this is that whatever we decide, coincidence or not there is the possibility that this is all in our minds, that our reality is not what we think it is or might be. That alone is a conclusion – whatever is happening could all be in our mind. Which isn’t actually very helpful.

Simon 🙂


42 thoughts on “Coincidences – Is the Universe rarely so lazy?

  1. Hello. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I myself find having the same or similar thoughts. I look into astrology as a curiosity and do rely on it to explain things. Seeing you tend to believe in positive thinking makes me think that it’s probably a sagittarius thing or not. But I am one too, and couldn’t stop reading your article till the end. Looking forward to more reading.

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    1. The thing is we look for explanations as humans and the ‘it’s just the way it is’ taught by some faiths isn’t good enough. I’m finding as I get older I know less and less about life and the universe so yeah… Thanks for coming by fellow Sagittarius and I hope you enjoy the blog 😀

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      1. I’m planning on coming back and seeing your other blogs. For me too, it took time to realize that what I was thought is not and doesn’t have to be what I live by if it’s not something that fits into my life or feels “natural”. Most of what I was thought to believe felt forced – so I’m glad to have discovered that I don’t have to live by it and am free to discover what works for me.


  2. I have had two instances where I “missed” my own death..twice planes, I was supposed to be on but missed due to traffic or illness, crashed. One went down into the New Jersey fields on September 11. The other into the Mediterranean near Egypt. I don’t think it was coincidence.


  3. Strange what you say about Saturn. It entered my birth sign at the end of 2014. Both my Step-Father and mother died in 2015. My family life became a mess after it happened. I was so glad when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve 2015.
    As for ‘coincidence’, I do believe in it. A few things have happened to me which I have thanked ‘coincidence’ for.

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    1. Ah yes, it entered my birth sign at the same time. Apparently it left our sign for a while at the end of 2015 and went back in leaving at the end of last year. I lost my mum in that time and many things feel apart in my life.
      Everyone has their beliefs on coincidences and it’s each to their own and noone is wrong because it’s me perception. ☺️

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  4. I don’t believe in coincidences, every thing happens for a reason. I am intuitive in some ways… I believe in looking for what the universe is trying to tell me.
    As far as astrology goes, being an Indian, my roots are in astrology, but I per se, don’t believe in it. I believer, future is fluid.
    As far Saturn moving into your sun sign, I believe in that. In India we worship the planets too. Each planet is symbolic of a God, so we have our beliefs seeped in that. Mine is too.
    Universe is probably random to the naked eye, but probably as a collective, it has a deeper and spiritual meaning. So I believe. Simon these are purely my beliefs, nothing to do with the world, but everything to do with my experiences in it

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    1. That’s the thing, we base our beliefs in experience and perspective. This is often related to our upbringing.

      This kind of thing is very new to me and I’m kind of discovering as I go along and add usual relating facts and events to possibilities. Thanks for a great comment ☺️


      1. Ah… Thank you for being gracious.
        I used to write comments on everyone’s posts. Till some bad experiences, now I write on selected posts, especially people like you, who are more accepting about varied views.
        Some get a bit angry.

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      2. I’ve not found many of any angry people here so I’m surprised. I hope they weren’t rude to you.
        I like great comments like that they’re fun and make you think so keep going ☺️


  5. No such thing as coincidences, I often say we are like a finely woven tapestry … all interconnected, it is like a universal flow. Don’t know anything about astrology but sometimes we need a good clean out …

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  6. Good questions Simon.
    The most liberating experience I recently went through was considering Cosmology, Quantum (both sides), Theistic Belief (I converted to Roman Catholicism back in 2006), Humanity, Life, Earth’s History and taking examples of Human behaviour from history and reaching a conclusion:
    ‘Yep. It all ties together. Don’t know how the heck I can explain it. But it definitely ties together,’

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      1. Yeh me too, I’ve started one then became stuck in a system overload…..try again in the next week or so. Maybe once I’ve completed by account of the Wars of The Roses (not easy)

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  7. Ah, the weird occurrences in life. Weirdness such as being able to tell when you’re being watched; weirdness such a mother knowing when a child is in danger; and the extreme weirdness that happens when loved ones pass away within hours or even days of one another (like Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds) tend to point to something else at play which exceeds mere coincidence. That “something else” often seems to link us or intervene in our lives just enough to either keep us from tragedy (i.e. avoiding the car accident scenario) or place us in jeopardy (i.e. being the actual driver involved in the crash). Fate? Luck? The realization of statistical probabilities? Sometimes “yes” to each of them, but then there are those times when it’s something else. And those times are just…weird.

    A great, thought-provoking post, Simon. Very well done!

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  8. I am not into the metaphysical but somehow I suspect if there is someone we are really close too, there may be a wave link. For instance, one is thinking of someone and suddenly they call. They don’t know why they were not prompted…it just happens too often to be a coincidence. Lovely post Simon.

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