Lennon’s Fabulous Blog Take Over – with no Glitches!

Lennon is once again taking over Planet Simon, this time she’s going to an intense workplace situation, starting a story that’s going to go we know not where…


Break Away

You’re staring at me.

Chin resting on your hands intensely staring as I called out customer requests. 

It’s terrifying for me, sitting across from you at your desk.

Your intelligence is intimidating.
My body is burning and I can’t look at your face.

My heart is pulsating as I attempt to concentrate. 

Are you analyzing me while I speak? 

I feel the vulnerability in my voice. 

I take a chance and look up through my glasses and your hands are now in your lap.  

Your breathing has increased rapidly. 

Why do you look enraged? 

Looking away instantly, clearing my throat. 

With determination I rifle through the file and brief you on the remaining requests. I look up with relief that I finished the task. 

You continue the stare.
Are you invading my thoughts? 

Surely you cannot see my imagination?

My mind has carnal thoughts when I’m alone, do you know they’re about you? 

What if you’re watching my fantasies by hitting a button on a remote control in your mind by observing them play by play and hitting pause? 

What if you know?

I need to break away. 

I have to be delusional. You’ve not spoken a word this entire time. 

To be continued…..


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