The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 9

"Why have you brought us out here?" Ralph cried, pushing his finger through his hair and gripping it in frustration? "We have to go about two hundred miles and you've brought us probably two hundred light years!" "How did you know that?" Harry asked surprised. "Maybe you're better at space travel than we thought!" "Oh... Continue Reading →


The Do’s and Don’ts of Website Creation

I've been seeing some bits and bobs on SEO, blogging and the internet on Pinterest. I'm storing some of it up so I can share it with you. It's nice and infographic-ie. Let me know if you think this stuff is useful Pinterest link Simon 🙂

Manic Monday Number 4 :-P

Seriously... what a fucking week! But let's not dwell on this, between all the bits and pieces of my life they conspired against me - hence my relative absence last week. But back to this week, a week I'm hoping will be a bit more fun and more progress in it. I've already made a... Continue Reading →

Mars – Equator to South Pole

I liked this view of Mars, because it's one you don't get to see very often. I posted this the other week, but since then I've played with the images and joined them together for one seamless shot! I'm quite pleased...   Taken from NASA's Tumblr Page Simon 🙂

Manic Monday Number 3!

What is it about Monday's that makes them go wrong? Why can't they be a nice day? A good thing about this Monday is I needed my sunglasses going to work. OK it was later than usual but even so and what has the snow and rain done? The potholes that have appeared over the... Continue Reading →

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