Moon Phases and their meanings for your life

I never knew this, but the moon’s phases actually have meaning for us on Earth looking up and thinking ‘how pretty’.

I found this on Pinterest and I had to share it! Let me know what you think!
Credit to Labyrinthos – go and look them up!

Simon ☺️

56 thoughts on “Moon Phases and their meanings for your life

    1. Well not really, it’s not about us it’s about how we synchronise with the moon. Some might say it’s rubbish but I’ve heard a number of fairly rational and professional people relate certain behaviours to the moon.
      I think that in the whole our lives are now so detached from nature and it’s sync we think this is all rubbish… I’m not so sure ☺️

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      1. You maybe in Suffolk but *whispers* I can’t actually see you … unless you live in a village outside BuryStEdmunds then I could possibly have at sometime, unbeknownst to me or thee… cast my eyes upon such a person strange or otherwise. *gasp* nothing as strange as folk. 😃😅😁😂

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      2. Well that is a possibility… I mean I live in a little village outside of shhh bury st Edmunds kind of to the east. It might have happened…


  1. I love working with the moon phases, it really has changed things in my life, less struggling. I’m somebody who’s hypersensitive to feeling the changes of the Lunar cycles, so understanding this and how to work with it has been a massive boost to me. ☺

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  2. This is interesting Simon, I didn’t realise all the phases had significances.
    In a few offices I worked it there were prevalent beliefs that we had more ‘odd’ phone calls during a full moon phase, I was not unconvinced.

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  3. This is interesting Simonbut it makes sense like the moon creating tides also effecting the liquids in our body, blood, hormones, and through them things like clarity, persuasiveness, positivity, and endurance. I just know that crimes and people in general, are more wild during a full moon and especially a harvest moon. I vividly recall nights of University partying, that nights with full moons had much more drama, guys fighting, and it was always crazy how wild people would get as opposed to weekends before or after where the moon wasn’t so large.

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  4. This is actually a lot like a moon-phase behavioural guide I developed years ago. Mine is very simple though…
    New Moon: Have monthly bath.
    First quarter: Clean hair out of bathtub plug hole. Wash up. Do some odd chores.
    Full Moon: Turn into werewolf and devour six sheep.
    Third Quarter: Apologise to neighbour and make restitution for whole sheep-devouring episode. More chores.
    But your guide is probably better. And heaps less sarcastic, presumably.

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