I have no idea why I’m writing this, which is interesting becasue it raises the question in point here – why do I write this blog? Where am I going with it and what’s the point of it all?

This could possibly be the question in my life bubbling over into the blogoshpere. But I’ve been thinking about this and lately more than usual – what am I trying to do with my blog? In terms of what I post here, I am the king of random, from scfi-fi to kids books, cooking and back out into space with the Voyager probes.

What is Planet Simon as a brand? Writer? Artist? Cook? Thinker is a weird kind of way? I’m all of those things and yet is that what I want to be seen to be?

I’m not sure…

Maybe I’m over thinking this? This is a place of expression and interest for me and for my bloggies. I like putting all kinds of stuff up here, some of it I’ve written, some of it is junk I’ve swiped from the internet with the disclaimer of “Don’t sue my furry bottom, this isn’t mine!”

I’m at a point where I need to change this about, I need to put my stuff out there more, maybe post less, but then I’m not posting much original stuff anyway. I guess what I feel is that it’s not coming together how I would like and my mind has thrown it’s toys out of the pram.

So what now? Do I stick with one site and make some material more accessible? Do I break it out? What do I want to say from now on? What do I want to be?

What do do?!?!

I don’t know…. arghhhh!!!

Simon :-/


37 thoughts on “What am I doing and where am I going with all of this?!?

  1. Hey Handsome…..Good news is you’re multi-talented. You can write about ANYTHING. I love your energy and that you are such a dear friend to so many of us. Maybe step outside of your comfort zone and write about something that scares you or that’s outside of your comfort zone? Make it challenging for yourself. Possibly involve your bloggies and have them make suggestions and then we vote? I’ve thought about doing that myself because I run out of ideas. The majority of my stuff is copied from pinterest so it takes little thought. I need to get back to writing. 😕

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    1. Hi ya gorgeous, thanks for stopping by and being inspiring, you’ve given me some good ideas there.
      Maybe I could also open my blog up to some of my closest bloggies (like you) to write something here and maybe return the favour?
      I know what you mean about getting back to writing, if you need inspiring too you know where I am ☺️


  2. Hi Simon.
    The first thing which struck me was ‘Planet Simon’. Well there you go. A planet is a body with all sorts of stuff happening on it, all worlds are vibrant active composites.
    My suggestion is to stick with Planet Simon. The readers love the variety and the manner in which this is delivered.
    OK, some people will stick to one theme and that’s fine as long as they are able to find ways not to repeat themselves. Some will work with supplying tips and information on writing and blogging, which is invaluable.
    I started out with the intention of parodying the publishing industry and fashionable styles of writing; that morphed into ‘anything goes’ )although I spend more time reading other blogs than writing on my own.
    Just keep keeping on, goes where the dynamics of Planet Simon draw you!
    Best wishes

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  3. I think posting anything you want is a good thing. I’ve had this same struggle… what’s the point? But I post whatever’s on my mind (which may be scary to some people) and by doing that, I think people get to know me (which may be scary to some people). And I like that I’ve made some lovely friends.

    But… I do understand how you feel. I still often wonder what my goal is. I bounce from fiction to poetry to my own life to photos to music. I don’t know why people visit my blog! Could be any one of those things… or I guess more than one? 🙂

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  4. Honestly Simon, write whatever you want and do whatever you want to do on here. It’s your place of expression your outlet, as long as it’s not hurting anyone else or inappropriate (which your blog/writing/reposting has never been), just let out be creative and free flowing. Sometimes inbetween that zone of creative fre3 flow, a person can find great or small purpose. Both are good.

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  5. First off, put the kettle on, have a nice cup of tea and breath in and out. Then have a think. What is it you like most about blogging? The interaction with other bloggers? Having an outlet for your creativity? No one particular thing? It’s supposed to be fun, so remind yourself about the fun bits and focus on those for a bit. Your blog is super. You are super. Hang on in there! x

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    1. Oh I’m hanging in there Lucy, thank you for your wonderful friendship. I think the size of it all is kinda mind blowing and my little place in it all. Cuppa had been had, thank you ❤️


      1. It is an honour to be your friend! We all feel just that little bit too small sometimes. Remember- it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of fight in the dog! Tea will see you through ❤

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  6. Hello Simon, I was in the same boat a few months ago. It’s not that easy when we blog on various topics. But that does not mean we must stop and stick to only one theme. Take it as a plus. It’s never boring.

    Perhaps you might want to section your blog into different categories. You might also choose to blog about what’s actually in your mind at any given moment; regardless of whether you posted twice on cookery for a week, or 10 times on kids in a row.

    Your blog is a reflection of your mind. It represents you as a whole. If you’re good at distinct stuffs, go on. Post them.

    Happy blogging to you!

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    1. Hi ya mermaid, as always you’re so supportive. Thanks for your words, I think I need to me things about a bit but I don’t know how yet… So I’m going to try some things! ☺️❤️


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