Manic Monday – AGAIN!

So here we are at another Monday and things have been happening here on Planet Simon, decisions have been made and things have been created. Writing has been going on behind the scenes and more…

I’ve been toying with the idea of another site specifically for my writing / authoring brand, for now I’ve decided against this and instead I’m going to change the look of Planet Simon on the front of the website – it should make this clearer without having to go and make a new page. Right now I couldn’t handle that!

The next part of the Great Galactic Service Station was published on Friday, I have to say I’m having great fun with this – becasue it’s a goofy and nerdy story line I’m able to take this into the really weird directions:

The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 1

The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 2

The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 3

The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 4

The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 5

There’s loads to come and this weekend I’ve had some more ideas, including perhaps creating found poems. Some of you may not know what’s the devil that is but come the time I will explain!

What are you guys up to this week?

Also make sure you follow up what’s going on in the rest of the Planet Simon universe:

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Watch this space – keep smiling and writing!

Simon 🙂


16 thoughts on “Manic Monday – AGAIN!

  1. Just so you and Lucy know, my wife and I have uncovered a fiendish plot by H M Treasury. Under the guise of the clocks turning back from BST to GMT, they actually stole 2.758 hrs sleeping time per week from everyone with variable additional incremental adjustments of 15 mins less time per day. This is to make folk dash about more, have less leisure or private time and not notice Brexit
    They thought they’d get away with it, but they can’t fool an old taxman!
    Meanwhile, strive on Simon. Your site is vital to the World’s Perspective.

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    1. How did you work this out? I wouldn’t be surprised because the stupid cow is digging in over brexit when even she knows it’s become as unpopular as… Well… A politician.
      Always keeping going my friend ☺️

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      1. Yes Simon, keep on writing and creating reasons for writing, it’s all good for the Sanity!
        (My antidote to Boris Johnson)

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      2. Do you mean ‘The Others’ as in the government members whose names no one can remember because they are such characterless folk? (Though I can remember Philip Hammond, because he makes the most boring speeches)

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      3. I mean the rest of them pretty much all of them from that witch May all the way down. The thing I have noticed recently is that we seem to be going all out for Brexit whatever the cost and anyone saying otherwise is talking heresy. I’ve never seen so much collective and destructive delusional behaviour. I can only assume they’re making a lot of money out of it. I’m still amazed she’s in power though…

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      4. It seems to me Simon, there are two ways of supporting Brexit:
        You can look at it from the sort of understandbale Left-wing stance that in leaving we are freeing ourselves from a massive mega-corporate state structure which crushes the individual (forgetting in Unity There is Strength and what we replace with I’m not too sure)
        Or the Tory notion that somehow the UK is actually still Great Britain and we still have the same power and influence we had in the 18th and 19th Centuries and that of course the rest of Europe should do as we say…….
        Bring on the Minions I say!

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      5. The way I see it in so many ways we’re shooting ourselves in the head and that becasue of Brexit I’ll either be retiring in poverty or working until I drop. In a few years the reality of what the EU gave us (I’m not saying the EU was good or perfect by any means) and we will think ‘what the fuck did we do that for?”
        After this there will be three scenario’s we will either carry on in our collective arrogance and new found economic misery. We will re-join the EU after a few years or we will become the 53rd state of the US.

        As for replacing a mega organisation with the UK government – I support the former on the whole as the government will also crush the individual in much the same way and generally the mega organisation has some generally good rules that we’re forced to follow. It wasn’t all bad.

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      6. Perfectly argued Simon.
        I am in the circumstances of retired and out of the work circumstance, and yet my income is entirely conditional being State Retirement and Civil Service pensions…well suppose some years down the line someone decides for ‘The Good of The Nation’ those sources will have to be replaced by something fairer (always a bad sign)?
        The situation reminds me a bit of the years prior to WWII, many influential folk(looking at you newspapers and blog sites) in total denial about what is going and turning public opinion; only this time we don’t have the resources of an Empire/Commonwealth or a navy suitable to our geographic situation….ie we’re an island dammit!!
        Have we reached as the US military personal say FUBAR (the polite translation being Fouled Up Beyond Any Repair)?
        My guilty secret was during the pre-referendum debate I upset into incoherence one deserving character by saying I would rather be ruled from Brussel than London as I trusted them more….naughty

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      7. That is a guilty secret to carry. But not an unreasonable statement. One thing I think to take from the last couple of years is that democracy doesn’t work – at least in the way we in the west do it. It need dragging out of the dark ages I fear.
        Speaking of which – is your book out yet?

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      8. It is the paradox of politics that ‘Democracy is a poor form of government, but all the alternatives are so much worse’. Whereas they are probably many hardworking and sincere back bench MPs (think of the late Jo Cox), the top layer has far too many managerially minded/focused group influenced/ image conscious ‘professionals’ who have lost sight of the reason they are there, in this we do into have a Dark Age, one of dingy superficiality or unrealistic goals which most people cannot relate to. We hope a more realistic generation of MPs will arise in the next few years.
        To happier things! It’s been a cool year publishing wise:
        Under R J Llewellyn through Amazon Kindle I produced
        ‘ A True History of These Isles Vol. 1 (Prehistory to 1216 CE-ish) in March
        ‘Of Patchwork Warriors: (Being Vol.1 of the Precipice Dominions)’ in October
        Total combined sales to date =10 which by my standards is an precedented success. But more importantly both were tremendous fun putting together and I’m working on Vol II s of both

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