Thought for Tuesday – My Brain is Drying up!

So here we are and watch out I’ve been thinking again… Watch out world!

How come is it (and this is getting worse as I get older) that I remember things in my head that I would swear are true or factual and yet when I look it up I’ve got it wrong?

Is my brain drying up?

Do I need to top up on oil?

What do you all think?

Simon πŸ™‚


22 thoughts on “Thought for Tuesday – My Brain is Drying up!

  1. ‘Memory’ is a curious thing. It does stuff like that
    University lectures in Law and Psychology have tremendous fun arranging thought experiments to prove this to their student.
    Don’t worry Simon, you’re just part of the Human Race. Be glad to be questioning what you ‘think’ has happened, it means the old IQ is working.
    I’d love to discuss this more but I have to check if Boris Johnson is actual a person or a cartoon feature on CBBC…. can’t remember.

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      1. Good one!πŸ˜„
        In Jerome K Jerome’s book (1898- I think) ‘Diary of a Pilgrim’ he writes of an argument between himself a friend over the height of Cologne Cathedral and his friend says ‘In The Guide Book it says’, to which the retort is
        ‘In The Guide Book? You be believing a newspaper next!’

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  2. I actually think there is a lot of misinformation out there and due to the internet the answer is now easier to find. The only example I can come up with is is Pigs are very dirty, when in fact they are very clean animals. Hopefully that make sense and I am not rambling

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