Manic Monday and Madness on Planet Simon

This to me sums up Sunday…


Unfortunately alcohol does not ease the pain – it makes it worse when the day finally comes! There is a whole week ahead of us of challenges and things that can go right or wrong.

Let’s hope more right than wrong eh?

Last week I didn’t get my whole list done – but then the little thing called work got in the way so you know swings and roundabouts. I got some Halloween writing done and the next part of the Great Galactic Service Station:

The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 1

The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 2

The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 3

The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 4

I’ve still got a fair bit going on but if I can get some of these things out of the way I’m hoping to have more great stuff to share with you and more exciting Planet Simon developments.

What are you guys up to this week?

Also make sure you follow up what’s going on in the rest of the Planet Simon universe:

Planet Simon Facebook Page






Keep smiling and writing!

Simon 🙂


12 thoughts on “Manic Monday and Madness on Planet Simon

  1. As me ‘n alcohol never mixed well I couldn’t resort to that solution. IN my working days I just used to grumble a lot and blame governments……Hmm still do…..Oh well. Why spoil the habits of a lifetime?
    Anyways, keep up the good work with The Great Galactic Service Station! It’s a cool, smooth, funny piece of writing!

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  2. Simon have you lost your mind!!!!!!!! If you would slow down two minutes you could see you have way to much social media in your life. Damn, is that needed, trying to stay in touch with the world to allow them to hitch a ride to Planet Simon? What vitamins or whatever? are you taking? eating you double helping of spinach each day? Hugs

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    1. I think my mind has gone yes. I know it looks like a lot but the reality is that I’m not in sm that much. I just use it to share my posts most of the time.
      How are you? Are your well? ☺️

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      1. No but try to always say I feel great. Did you go by my party today? After 4 years I drove for the first time yesterday which also included a doctor’s appt. without my husband. I’m on my journey to learning who I am at 54!
        I believe talking with people is in my blood, fighting for those who can’t or pushing the laws to protect more. I have a weird sense of hour, underlay the negative that crossed my mind these past years, I’m a DAMN fighter. It matters none if others know, it matters I know.
        Hugs. The party is still going on.

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