What do you do with so much baggage?

So the thing is that I'm carrying a lot of baggage on this blog. An awful lot. You know how your house gets really, really messy and you need to clear up so that you and others can get to what's useful. Well I'm thinking I must the hoarder that's got piles of crap all... Continue Reading →

The Great Galactic Service Station – Part 7

It had to be said that Harry's Boris suit looked like it would fool his mother. This was a terrifying thought so they agreed to leave it there. Boris had been no trouble at all, once Miranda had zapped him, Gaz had jumped on his back and was hitting him across the head. Then both... Continue Reading →

Nice Suit Darth…

I love this joke... https://pin.it/x6zv72yyfsttrv Bu then there was this other bit I found, I don't know who asked Darth about it though! Simon 🙂 No ownership claimed on material

Creating the Titan

One of the reasons I started creating my own cover art for my own stories is becasue up until now I've taken a lot of other art from off the internet. This often has the result of really annoying people. It also means I'm not using what's really in my head. Because of this and... Continue Reading →

Death Star – In Amazing Detail

I saw this and thought - wow! Someone has so much time on their hands to draw a cutaway Death Star is so much detail!   I wish I could say I had done this myself but I haven't: Death Star cut away drawing Simon 🙂

Bookish Stuff – Just William

Continuing the fun time I've been having with children's books lately I'm moving onto an older set of stories. Just William What I didn't appreciate until I read these books was how old they are. I found them harder to read than other children's books and I couldn't work out what it was all about... Continue Reading →

Manic Monday – AGAIN!

So here we are at another Monday and things have been happening here on Planet Simon, decisions have been made and things have been created. Writing has been going on behind the scenes and more... I've been toying with the idea of another site specifically for my writing / authoring brand, for now I've decided... Continue Reading →

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