Bookish Stuff – Horrid Henry

I’ve been thinking about how much I’ve been reading lately and at first it doesn’t seem like much (especially when compared to the book legends that read 100 books a year and such like). But then I have been  reading a lot to my son at bed time and I have to say it’s been fun! So I’m going to write some posts on the children’s books that I’ve been reading.


Horrid Henry

For those of you with kids, you may well have seen the TV cartoon based on these books. After reading them it’s safe to say they’ve been faithful to the stories. The films took a bit of a departure from them but we’re interested in the books right?

Looking at the books they’re great for kids of all ages, divided into stories that can be read in about 10 – 15 minutes you’ve got great stories like:

Horrid Henry and the Computer – Where Henry locks out his entire family from the computer and blackmails them into giving him computer time and buying him games. As an added reward he gets his little brother Peter into trouble.

Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady – Henry finally gets to have packed lunches, but one of the dinner ladies makes sure that none of the kids can have so much as a crisp! Henry has to think smart of beat her!

Horrid Henry and the Fairies – Henry’s brother Peter is becoming intolerable! What can he do to get him into trouble? Making him believe in fairies could help…

The characters are great – brilliantly exaggerated but with enough realism to be able to relate to them and you can definitely feel the pain of the parents….

So if you need something entertaining for your kids, Horrid Henry is great for lots of short stories. If something longer or different is needed keep an eye out for further posts on kids books there’s going to be posts for more kids books of all sizes!

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25 thoughts on “Bookish Stuff – Horrid Henry

  1. That I can infer, the thing is it supercharges kids so they put on’t sleep. I only enounce it as a monition because as kids take older they take addicted, never amount off, sleep badly and then jumper lead their lives take ratty.


      1. Yes it applies to anyone. They say that two hours before bed is best but it’s whatever works best. I only say it as a warning because as kids get older they get addicted, never come off, sleep badly and then lead their lives bring ratty.

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