Dark Horizons on Wattpad



for anyone interested and on Wattpad my four part short story Dark Horizons is now on Wattpad: Dark Horizons on Wattpad

Simon 🙂


32 thoughts on “Dark Horizons on Wattpad

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  1. Ahhh… one finds out more this way than on the reader. You would enjoy the Suffolk scribbler (blog name) writer of dystopian stuff. Look him up Dylan Hearn he is also on twitter. Sci fi weird stuff that takes flight just above my head…

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      1. I’ve saved the link, I’ll read through next week. 🙂 I am not on Wattpad, it’s not something I’ve felt the urge to join.

        if (when) I start sharing my writing, I think I’d rather it was here so it’s in a central place with everything else. 🙂

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