Check this out: ‘The Egg’

I found this on Stumbleupon and I had to share it, I think if the human race adopted life based on this principle things would be amazing! Read this, if it makes you think half as much as it did me it will blow your mind:   The Egg By: Andy Weir   You were … Continue reading Check this out: ‘The Egg’

Nature Pleading

Have a read of this short piece by Denise. She’s a great writer so have a look at her other work and make sure you follow.

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E. Denise Billups, Writer

WordPress DAily Prompt - Nature Pleading 2

You howled along the coast like an angry host

accosting a frightened town with a category four

more  critical than ever before catastrophic floods rose

appose street rows and continued to rise

devastating priceless lives

transposing rivers on dry ground

drenching opposed citizens fleeing treasured abodes

lives shattered and unrecoverable but memorized

as they fled for higher ground

 Your angry winds lashed Houston to a whipping post

wielding a woeful lesson in environmental education

taking lives presaging  global warming unheeded

til the next time your winds call

with cataclysmic pleading

for a smaller carbon footprint

Copyright 2017 by E. Denise Billups

Image: “Where is global warming going,” Courtesy of Skeptical Science

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