Just another Manic Monday

Those bloggies that follow me more than others will have realised that I missed out last weeks manic Monday post. Ooops, my bad – but there’s never a dull moment around here.

Well you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve been working my ass off, getting ten thousand words written in my book and things are running along nicely. NOT! I wish I could write that in seriously but unfortunately with a shower room to finish off my stories have progress at a non-existent pace. BUT – this is going to change. With this piece of work done and with a few strategies in my head I’m going to get things moving forward and hopefully be able to update you with new and exciting stuff. Fingers crossed I can make this happen eh?

Along with everything there’s an end to an era coming when the Cassini spacecraft completes it’s grand finale on Friday and I’m hoping to have a corker of a post on this. This is to add to the post I cranked out (probably far too quickly) on Voyager’s 1&2 40th anniversary.

Along with this are some of the regular musings and sharing from life as we know it. Also make sure you keep up in my other places on the interweb:

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Thanks guys – keep smiling and writing!

Simon 🙂

12 thoughts on “Just another Manic Monday

  1. All the best for the shower room. Will be waiting to learn more about your writing project
    Ah Friday. Tears will be shed as brave Cassini obeys the final command.

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