Leaping the Void

I've not done a blog battle for a while, so for a bit of fun I thought I would take part this time and see how it goes. The weeks theme is Darkness. Leaping the Void: The darkness was enveloping her mind and vision. Overloaded with the sensations of sounds and the crippling force that … Continue reading Leaping the Void

That’s weird

It's weird - why has an incomplete post titled 300 Followers! Suddenly appeared on my timeline and I've no idea from where. Why?? Update:  It seems for some reason the blog got confused and posted 300 followers instead of the lunar landings post. Still weird. Simon 😐

Celebrating Science Fiction and Fantasy Week #SFFWeek

Great post from Allie Potts

Simon 🙂

Allie Potts Writes

Response to GoodReads Science Fiction and Fantasy Week - www.alliepottswrites.com #SFFWeekThe week of July 30 through August 5th is Science Fiction and Fantasy Week on Goodreads and I decided it was time I participated.

“If you could travel to any fictional book world, where would you go and what would you do there?”

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Pern. I would go to Pern in a heartbeat. As in the third planet from the star, Alpha Sagittarius as described by Anne McCaffrey in her Dragonriders of Pern series. Sure it might not have the best weather, (if you can call parasitic organisms that fall from the sky and devour everything they encounter except the barest rock, weather) but the rest of the wildlife more than makes up for the inconvenience. Because, if the series name wasn’t indicator enough, there be dragons. Telepathic dragons who form a lifelong bond with their riders. There are dragons who can not only…

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