Manic Monday on Planet Simon

I’m not sure why I used that header image – it just seems kinda fun to me, maybe I’ll be concocting some evil things this week – who knows?

But this is the start of another week, another 5 days or so to get through before the next weekend comes and we can do whatever we like – haha… 😛

I’m kind of at another point where I need to think about what comes next – I’ve got a lot of things I could and should be doing and of course like everyone else I don’t have time for it all. So some of  these things are likely not to happen at all. So – what does one do – a small amount of big posts, or a lot of short posts or a mix of the two. I guess there’s nothing wrong in any of it but something I notice is that long posts don’t get read and that we all like pictures.

The other thing I think is going on is that the WP reader is constantly changing who our content is pushed to. So a lot of my old and faithful bloggies aren’t necessarily seeing my posts. Hmmm… this technology thing isn’t easy is it?

Buggers! Having X number of followers is no good if they can’t read it!

While I mull over this and waste yet more time I’ll get some posts in this week – I’m going to be bringing back some of the old magic to Planet Simon so keep watching! Also make sure you keep up in my other places on the interweb:

Planet Simon Facebook Page







Also make sure you guys look up the sci-fi and fantasy hub I still need contributors and readers to make this project work for anyone and everyone interested.

Thanks guys – keep smiling and writing!

Simon 🙂


9 thoughts on “Manic Monday on Planet Simon

  1. Some of the posts I write in a few minutes get high number of views and those that I draft and take days to perfect get a couple of clicks and then nothing. Blogging is a game to figure out. One day, maybe we will. Just do what you love, post when it works for you. Whatever else happens, I’ll be reading. I assign a couple mins of each day to reading what you share.

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  2. To blog or where or how to blog that is the question?
    Strive on in all directions maybe?
    I’ve been 2 years on WP, glad I got here but still have not a clue what I am doing (technically ie). Still, I have a copy of The WordPress Guidebook magazine as on sail in Sainsbury July 2017 and it will be studied….sometime.
    Keep on keeping on Simon.
    All the best


      1. Perhaps if we press buttons at random? 🤔
        (It used to work for my in my job- mind you that was in the Civil Service 🙃)

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