I no longer want to be an adult!



Why oh why do we grow up?

Simon πŸ™‚

41 thoughts on “I no longer want to be an adult!

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  1. I’m in, and I’m bringing sweeties! (Although I do think being a grown up is not without its perks – nobody is going to tell me it’s bedtime, or that I can’t have ice cream for breakfast. And, best of all, I never have to go to school again! πŸ˜€)

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      1. In my current state of sickness and agoraphobia, I’m not crazy about crowds. Now crowds on the internet, as long as not trolls, my anxiety does not rise and I can be as young, beautiful and spirited as I want to be. Mostly living my younger years. I’m working on a post for my birthday, if it works out, you can see photos of me at different adult ages doing some fun stunts or sitting on my ass. We’ll see. No-one knows what I look like today. Not that much different than before but being so sick makes you face the ugly in the mirror. πŸ™‚

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      2. It’s weird because when your annoymous people can form ideas or nor, I like it that way. Not because I don’t like the way I look. I was very pretty before illness hit me. What I’ve not written about is my two year journey to find my heart problem. I’ve had tones of stress since 2003 when my granny had a stroke. Long story I may write about someday. I’ve talked your ear off enough.

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      3. Do I talk that fast or the accent get in way? The other issue to cloud conversations is my memory issues. I use the wrong word for things and leave out or misspell words.
        Just say M you’re running away, I can’t keep up. I still don’t have filters to know what I’m doing. I’m very hard to live with since getting Lyme. I had a crisis on Sunday and the two filters I used failed me. The sun was’t out, overcast day and my legs were not sunburn. I overworked myself by twice and my heart wasn’t happy. I had an episode and it takes like 30 minutes for me to quit hyperventilating. Not a pretty side of me. I have no way of knowing when my heart problem is going to happen, it comes on full power and I was home alone so stayed outside with no water and started hyperventilating. When my husband came home he was freaked. He wants me to live in a bubble. I say parents have terrible things happen to their kids all the time, adults get in terrible situations just the same, it’s life. He said “what if you fell and hit your head” it could happen in the house just the same. I’m not having a babysitter 24 hrs a day. “you could have hit your head and bleeding very bad, yes I’ve done that inside and outside. Because the spirochetes from Lyme and co-infections are in my brain, they continue to eat away. There’s no cure except death or feel like death. I’m pushing myself the way my grandparents taught me, it served them well thru the war and deep depression. They knew more that me. You can’t learn your limits until you fall. I fell off a three foot ladder twice a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I brought the 5 foot in my office and didn’t fall once. I have to learn, I’ve already spent two years in bed, I’m not going back there.
        Talked your ear off.

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