Learn How to Draw a Vision Map to better sell your ideas

via Want to Get Better at Selling Others on Your Ideas? Learn How to Draw a

I loved this, saw it and I had to share it! Ayse Birsel shows us all how to use her drawing Alphabet to help us sell visually.

He alphabet is here:

My vision-drawing alphabet

Simple geometric shapes: Circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and cubes are simple shapes that can depict an area or category.

1 circle with a word in it: Depicts something central to your idea or concept.

2 circles overlapping: Intersection of two ideas. The intersection is the “sweet spot.” This is my favorite way of showing dichotomy resolution.

3 circles overlapping: Intersection of three ideas, or a trifecta.

2 lines drawn at 90-degree angles to each other: A graph. I use this to show the relation of one thing to another over time.

2 lines intersecting in the middle: 4 quadrants. I use this to depict 4 quadrants of emotion, physical, intellect and spirit.

2 words and an arrow between them: One thing becoming something else. Arrows can also depict direction, movement or the future.

Infinity sign: I use this to show a continuous feedback loop, like “give and take”.

Equal/unequal symbols: When used between 2 words, they summarize how things are alike or dissimilar. Other math symbols, like +, x, < and >, are also useful.

A stick figure or a smiley: A person. As simple as it sounds, adding a person connects the idea to users and humanizes it.

A stick figure in a circle: Depicts being user-centered.

Circle with a diagonal line over a word/symbol: Something that is banned or unwanted.

Simple icons: Heart for emotion, ying and yang for spirit, dollar sign for money, messy scribble for complication…



The full article is below – read it!

Vision Map | Inc.com

Author, Design the Life You Love
No ownership claimed on work or article – Credit to inc.com and Ayse Birshel

7 thoughts on “Learn How to Draw a Vision Map to better sell your ideas

  1. Wow. Far beyond me. You folks have my respect.
    (I think mine would end up with a lot of vulgarities- not focused enough you see)

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  2. attended a conference where an artist was paid to ‘draw’ the presentations .. was a much more easy and delightful way to recall the sessions … very similar to your here but heaps of colour and amazing art work 🙂


  3. This is such a great idea. A few months ago, I read a book that prompted me to start incorporating more doodles in my daily work but then I fell off the wagon so thanks for sharing this article.

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