Friendship is weird…


Simon πŸ™‚


32 thoughts on “Friendship is weird…”

      1. Hi Simon
        I miss you this week after spending much time on the wire last week. Boy, was that a party. I never bore of your site, do not understand or get into all your imagination offers, there’s always something for me. I can’t recall a time I’ve asked someone to write about a topic! My deep interest in the Romans peaked last week when you mentioned you grew up near my friend in Hemel Hempstead. When you have the energy and desire I would love to hear about growing up seeing the ruins of Societies gone by. Your imagination could take me back to see things I didn’t have a chance to get to. Just a thought.
        Take me friend

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      2. Hi there M, I had noticed you had been quiet. Another of your parties eh? You wild thing!
        When I get chance I will write about the Roman ruins. I’m glad you asked.
        How are you?

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      3. Quite week, rough mood down and pain up. I refuse to dope myself up so high to cover the pain. Until my knee replacement surgery it stays the same. I go back to knee doctor in a week to talk game play. The next step is inject a liquid that acts like a lubricant to ease the bone on bone pain. It works for six months. I’m not into short term solutions when long term fixes are required. I’m pushing him to do the surgery. We’ll see.
        I had a great opportunity happen this week, just doesn’t sound as exciting when my mood is down. We’re in the process of changing some meds around.
        This to shall pass.

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