The Kindness Challenge – The Finale

Kindness wk6

So this is it! The last post of the kindness challenge 2017! This has been a challenge that has brought some interesting insights into who I am and where my thinking and feeling is these days. I remeber where I was when I agreed to take this challenge on,Niki is always amazing and has run this challenge really well. She’s made it a joy to take part.


This week is the Kindness Challenge the Finale and  while this weeks’ reflection seems simple, but like so many things when you scratch under the surface there’s more to it:

This week, I’d love to hear what you thought of the challenge as a whole. In your reflection post, share how the challenge impacted you, what you learned about yourself and others, and if it’s something you’d consider doing again next year.

Well first things first – I would like to take part again next year, glutton for punishment and all that… Now for my reflection:


This challenge has taken us from one extreme to the other, focusing on self kindness and self healing all the way through to reflecting on everyday kindness to others in situations where we want to just yell out!

For me I’ve realised more about looking after myself and dealing with those things which have laid buried and almost forgotten for years, people long gone that meant a lot to me and I never got to tell them the impact they had on my life.

The big thing that I’m taking from this challenge is very simple, on this day the blog challenge ends, but as far as dealing with with these loose ends in my life my challenge is far from over – in fact it’s only just begun. As a thought to Niki – maybe it would be interesting to prompt the participants in a few months to see where this challenge took them, or what happened next?

Apart from this – next year isn’t so far away now!

Simon 🙂




12 thoughts on “The Kindness Challenge – The Finale”

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience, Simon! I’m so happy you participated! What a journey it was! So glad you were able to learn so much about yourself. You’re absolutely right, this was just the beginning! What a great idea Simon! I’ll put a reminder on my calendar to check back with participants in a few months time. ❤

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