Manic Squared Monday

Today has been mental! So nuts I’ve inly had chance to write now. I remember what Alfie Doolittle said in My Fair Lady 

“Who wants to work – it takes up your whole life!”

This kind of resonates when you dont get a chance to breathe!

Still, theres a week ahead of oppurtunity and possibility. The last part of the kindness challenge is coming and its been interesting to reflect on this. I still have much to do after this challenge is over, because its never over!

I hope to get some more of my usual fun out and a little extra! So hang on guys… The week just started!

Simon 😊




Planet Simon Tumblr Page

#blog #planetsimon #manicmonday 


9 thoughts on “Manic Squared Monday”

    1. Thanks Helen, it’s a petty good one – I like to keep things interesting! I can see you’ve been enjoying catching up – I need to catch up on yours and see what the beasties are doing!


      1. I created them a while ago using bitstrips but for some weird reason it no longer exists.
        There is Bitmoji or something but it’s not the same. It’s a pain becasue bitstrips was good.


      2. Awwww, dangit! WHYYYYYY?! That is a shame, you’ve done some great stuff with it. My search continues… Although I might take a look at Bitmoji anyway and see if it would suit my purposes. Thanks for the tip, hope you’ve had a fun weekend!


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