Kindness Challenge – Week 4 – Kindness Role Model


We’re onto week 4 of the kindness challenge and this is the first week to focus away from self kindness onto kindness to others. This wee we’re thinking about kindness role models in our life and how they’ve influenced us.

The kindness challenge is being run by Niki of Richness of a Simple Life make sure you pop by her amazing blog!

Kindness Role Model Exercise

Make a list of up to five people who inspire you to be the change you want to see in the world. Why do they inspire you? What traits of kindness do they practice? How can you incorporate those elements of kindness into your life?

Another option for this week is to write a letter to your kindness role model. Tell them how much they mean to you, how they’ve impacted your life, and why you consider them a kindness role model. I’ll leave it up to you to decide what to do with the letter.

As soon as I read this I became a little emotional about it (I don’t often admit that) as at least one person came to mind who somehow touched my life int his way and his name was Michael Baggott. When I was in my young teens was a lay preacher at our church. He ran the teen social group with a a friend and his wife. What was incredible about this man was his life story, he came from the workhouse as a child, went into the military during the war and after giving his life to God he dedicated his life to helping others. I will never forget Michael to my dying day and he’s an inspiration to me on kindness and giving to others.

Other inspirations come in strange shapes and forms, teachers for example can show someone how to be kind by their example or lack of it, the same is also true of any authority figure, many can show the right kindness towards others and many can’t.

I can’t really work out who else has so greatly inspired me to kindness as much as Michael, there have been more examples from others, some I expected and some I didn’t. Like the person who stops to give the homeless persona a cuppa, or to help someone up who’s been hurt. For me these acts help guide us to the kind of person who either does or does not seek to be kind to their fellow space travellers.

Simon 🙂


7 thoughts on “Kindness Challenge – Week 4 – Kindness Role Model”

  1. lovely, sounds like you need to write your letter to Michael … and then maybe even try to track him down to forward it?
    Living in the Himalayas there were many opportunities for kindness, a favourite was to buy workers or beggars a cup of chai … so cheap for us but such a treat for them 🙂

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    1. I will write my letter to Michael, but alas there is no need to tack him down. He passed away some years – but I make sure I still remember him.
      That’s the essence of kindness, it’s true value is in the thought given.

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