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Chic Style Boutique – An online clothes store with a difference

My friend Persia of blog of a mad blackwoman has started up a boutique for women who are liokung for a 1950's style chic look. Persia never ceases to amaze me in what she achieves and this is on another level! When I was discussing this I thought she was once again shopping online for clothes but... Continue Reading →

Where my Feet have been – Abby Ruins

The weekend weather was amazing! Visiting the Abby ruins near where I live is always interesting, normally it's a place where children can play hide and seek or people can relax and chill out in peace. The irony of this is the dark and violent history surrounding these ruins, peasant uprisings, power struggles, blood shed... Continue Reading →

Kindness Challenge Week 6 – Kindness without Expectation

It's week 6 of the kindness challenge and this week is focusing on kindness without expectation. That is to be kind without expecting anything in return. The kindness challenge is being run by Niki Meadows of Richness of a Simple life and the challenge prompt for the week is here: This week’s challenge focuses... Continue Reading →

Planet Simon Maniacal Monday Musings

So this is another Monday - it's baking hot here and glorious weather. I've finally kicked this flu, it's taken about three weeks but I finally did it! There's not much to say about the last week, not much really happened, particularly on here, I've still got some posts idea I'm rattling through and more... Continue Reading →

The Days End

The day is over. Red skies herald the days end. As birds find sleep bats flutter against the orange and red hues. Coolness touches as calmness descends. The day has ended... Soon a new day will dawn. Simon 😊

What is a father?

Being the topical kind of guy I am, I was thinking this morning about what a father is so I put my thoughts into this post. A father is someone who has photo's where their money used to be  - unknown This is a quote I saw years ago and to me it's perhaps the... Continue Reading →

New Release! #scifi novel, Detours in Time

To all scifi bloggie fans theres a new book come out needing to be read!

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DetoursTimegraphicSuggested Version

Today is the day!  Detours in Time, my most recent novel, is now live and available for purchase at for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback!  Please check it out,  purchase the book, read it, or add it to your Goodreads Want to Read or Currently Reading shelf if you decide to purchase or even just want to read it later.  If you read the book, please leave a review, no matter how brief, on Amazon and consider sharing it on social media.  Perhaps you might share this post on your social media?  All of these things help me gain visibility as an indie author and are greatly appreciated!

Goodreads link:

Amazon link:

Independently Published.

Genre:  Sci-fi, time-travel/adventure   221 pages (e-book), 301 pages (paperback)

Read the book that early readers have called “Captivating!”  Here is a blurb:

On a whim, feisty Tabatha takes a trip to the…

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That worked well didn’t it?

Well all I can say is that worked well didn't it Theresa! Now look at the strong and stable leadership. Look at how you've united us. What a joke... the EU and the world is laughing right because hell. What a mess! Your plan worked really well didn't it? Simon 🙂

When Lightning Flashes

I love lightning, I've always wanted to get my own lightning shots and by some convoluted technical fiddlery I got these. I love the random patterns... I love the now knowing what to expect... And the noise, natures theatre of lighning. It's amazing and these pictures while not perfect are pretty cool and shoes me... Continue Reading →

The One Lovely Blog Award

So over the last week or so I've been privileged with TWO nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award. The first one was from Pooja: and the other was from the lovely but self proclaimed weirdo Adelise: Thanks to both of you for nominating me for this I really appreciate an award, it's... Continue Reading →

The Sci-Fi Files – The Shark Tag

This Sci-Fi files tales takes us back to the ocean depths to something that happened when a casual beach walker found a tag that had been attached to a 3 metre Great White shark. When the data on it was analysed it revealed that on Christmas Eve 2003 the shark dived to a depth of... Continue Reading →

Language Generator for Fantasy and Sci-Fi

This is a great post from Kristen on a language generator that can be used for us fiction writers, especially those in scifi and fantasy!

Simon 🙂

Kristen Twardowski

I’ve talked about my fascination with language before, but sometimes writers need a little help creating words that make sense in their nascent worlds. I recently found something that streamlines that process.

Vulgar (pardon the terrible name) is a constructed language generator. The generator creates fully realized languages; if you were truly ambitious you could learn some of them. The program attempts to mimic real languages, so there are patterns to the words that develop. For instance, in 50% of generated languages, the word for “tongue” is the same as the word for “language”, and words often share roots as is the case for:

pson /pʂon/ n. paint; v. paint
psopru /ˈpʂopru/ n. painter

I’ve played around with the generator quite a bit and am highlighting a few sample languages below.

Vulgar Zulia.JPG via Vulgar

Vulgar Nahis.JPG via Vulgar

The above screenshots simply capture the summaries for the languages. The full pages, however…

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