Maniacal Monday on Planet Simon

This last week has been a battling week. I’ve been trying to balance work and life and it has to be said it’s backfired a bit and I lost… But won. It’s a public holiday today shoo I’ve not been at work anyway… But tomorrow may be interesting!

To keep the story short, I had to take the morning off on Wednesday, I panned as always to work it back over my last week when I was finishing stuff off. The fly in the ointment came on Friday when a family member needed to to to the doc who then sent them to hospital. 

Even though I informed work I got a call from a director telling me “it would be unwise for me to come in next week” and they tried to get me to take my notice period unpaid. Being that I’m not rich I said no and we agreed I would come in but had to report to an admin when I came, left and had lunch.

Despite this shit I said yes… I know… Why?

Then I got an email letter telling me not to turn up anyway. Interesting this… Not what I needed or expected. But somehow… I knew that something was up.

So, I have a week off… Kind of paid. So I looked at the things I could do to chill a bit and prepare for my amazing new challenge!

And get my stuff!

Now I have a flu bug thing… Boo!
This time off will give me a chance I hope to compete last week’s kindness challenge, I’ve got some things to post that go back to mutt space and sci fi roots and prepare for the big one! 

Watch out… I hope this will be amazing!

Have a great week all!

Simon ๐Ÿ˜Š


19 thoughts on “Maniacal Monday on Planet Simon”

      1. Not so bad at present. Working to make the ending to this fantasy novel of mine credible, fighting with the garden (ever read Brian Aldiss’ ‘Hothouse’?)…. Oh yeh and my Russian Tank Army beat My Montgomery’s Army to Berlin, ending WWII on schedule….

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      2. A sense of perspective does no harm some times, and then if the whole thing gets too much- then a trip to the latest news about Jupiter to just take breath away and shake the mind up a bit.
        Cosmology and Quantum my own personal panaceas
        ( did I get here? ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿค” Must be the muggy weather- and the General Election)

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      3. The general election is enough to make anyone boil. Seriously… Who the hell wrote that tory manifesto? Someone who’s deluded… I hope it finishes them lol

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      4. Good Morning Simon.
        Yeh, they’ve been doing that since ooooh ’bout 1977, only the words get shuffled about a bit.
        Only a week to go.
        My advice- Vote, it’s a civic right and a duty.
        British Option 1- I believe in this Party.
        British Option 2- I don’t believe in those rascals and will vote to keep them out (a very common and worthy approach)
        Option 3- I know they haven’t got a chance, but I’m voting for them with my heart (and why not?)
        Best wishes

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