Manic Monday on Planet Simon

Here we are… Another Monday! Where does the time go?

There’s not been a great dream going on here this week but there’s lots to come. I missed week 2 of the kindness challenge. With things as mad at home as they were I had no chance, but I’m hoping to write werk 2 and 3 at the end of this week… We’ll see eh?

Planet Simon also has a special milestone coming. Not to say too much about it but it’s big and I’m going to mark it in a special way. Watch out… You may be included!

Next is that Planet Simon now has a Tumblr page: Planet Simon Tumblr Page

This is so I can spread a bit of awesome even further!

Apart from that I’m around and about… See you out there! Watch out for the big one don’t forget!

Simon 😊


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