Marvellous Moons of the Solar System


There are many marvellous moons in the solar system and they came in all shapes, sizes and flavours – have a look at this post from NASA on some of them:

via NASA β€” Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Simon πŸ™‚

No ownership claimed on images or materials – Credit NASA

10 thoughts on “Marvellous Moons of the Solar System

      1. No that was someone at NASA, it’s ok I’m not offended or anything – I know what you mean but there are so many to choose form πŸ™‚

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  1. When I started the hobby I was actually bored by the moon until I went and hung out with some of the guys from the local astronomy society down here sand they told me just wait till I upgrade to a wider lense scope and damned if they were t right, was able to see a ton more surface features, now I’m kind of sad though I won’t be able to view the other moons close enough to see all the features, on an amateur scope anyway.

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