My 1000th Blog Post!

Hi ya bloggies, after I publish this post, I'm likely to get a little badge telling me I've just posted my 1000th blog post. I'll be posting this too, but that's for later... For now I want to celebrate Planet Simon and 1000 posts of thoughts, musings, humour, fiction and discovery. I hope you'll enjoy... Continue Reading →


The Sci-Fi Files – Alien Megastructures

Some years ago, mankind found out how to find planets round other stars and this is done by measuring the light of a star and watching for a dip in the light that occurs when a planet (mainly a large one like Jupiter) passes in front of it. This can reduce the light of the... Continue Reading →

This last week has been a battling week. I've been trying to balance work and life and it has to be said it's backfired a bit and I lost... But won. It's a public holiday today shoo I've not been at work anyway... But tomorrow may be interesting! To keep the story short, I had... Continue Reading →

Kindness Challenge Week 2 – Self Compassion

Week 2 Theme | Self-Compassion Having compassion for others entails sympathy or empathy for their discomfort and suffering. This week we’re going to work on showing ourselves compassion. For some of us that might mean not being so hard on ourselves, not holding ourselves up to standards of perfection, or easing up on the negative... Continue Reading →

Manic Monday on Planet Simon

Here we are... Another Monday! Where does the time go? There's not been a great dream going on here this week but there's lots to come. I missed week 2 of the kindness challenge. With things as mad at home as they were I had no chance, but I'm hoping to write werk 2 and... Continue Reading →

Mystery Blogger Award

You guys know me - I'm a sucker for an award, so when J.S. Pailly nominated me for my second Mystery Blogger award I was naturally chuffed (I'm very British you see). Thank you for the nomination and thank you to Okoto Enigma for creating this award. According to Enigma’s website: “Mystery Blogger Award” is an... Continue Reading →

Help Sacha Black with her 13 Steps to Evil

Sacha Black is on the cusp of publishing her first book - 13 Steps to Evil and she needs your help! Look at this and see what all the hubbub is about and support this amazing fledgling author! 13-steps-to-evil-is-coming-arc-street-team-request Please? Simon 😊

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