Earth Day

In case you didn’t know, today is Earth day. A day where we focus on this self supporting spacecraft whizzing through the cosmos that we call home. We need to help this world keep us alive and looking amazing…

As usual I like to see things a bit differently. What better way than from Saturn…

That tiny spec is Earth… Us. All of us, everything we are, eat, drink everything we want for our phones, computers and everthing we use as fuel for our homes and cars.

There we are again. Between the rings. Small aren’t we? But we think big and we can sort out what we do about how we live our lives.

This isn’t a call to arms or a wake up call… Its a dream really. 

Happy Earth day!

Simon 🙂

Saturn images credit to NASA taken from Cassini


23 thoughts on “Earth Day

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    1. They’re amazing aren’t they? Its incredible to think that a robot we made orbiting a far away planet can see the world it came from so so far off.

      That’s us… There on that tiny dot. It shows us that there can be a whole world in a dot.

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      1. That’s quite an inspiring idea. Perhaps this message should also go to the captains of industry like Apple, Google, the fashion industry etc…

        I saw an Indian… something, I don’t know what to call it – I don’t even know if it’s genuine but it says that only when we’ve cut down the last tree and the last river turns toxic will we realise that we can’t eat money.

        That’s what it boils down to.

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