Manic Monday – The Week Ahead

I’m knocking the the Murphy’s Law on the head for Mondays. It was getting harder to find stuff to Murphy and besides that everything I wrote about was happening so being that I’m getting a bit sick of that I’m going to try and look ahead on Mondays to more positive stuff.

This week is the start of a busy time with work. There is so much going on and trying to fit family and work in is a struggle anyway. But as usual I’ll attack it like a boss and keep things going as best as I can. I’m not sure what or where the end goal is with this but I’m sure I’ll find it eventually.

My magazine is soooo late! It’s due out in March and we’re now in mid April. I need it out so I can start trying some new techniques for getting more visibility and interest in the site and magazine. I’m hoping I can apply this kind of technique for Planet Simon too, but we’ll see!

It’s pretty warm here right now, it feels more like June than April which is nice but it makes me feel as if we’re heading for wet weather. This is no bad thing though as I love the rain.

What kind of week are you my bloggies hoping for?

Simon πŸ™‚


27 thoughts on “Manic Monday – The Week Ahead

  1. Oh, the cruel irony! Starting​ to write about Murphy’s apparently bottomless reserves of irksomeness, only to find that there IS a limit to his influence. That’s the meanest twist of all. Still, onwards and upwards! Good luck with the combined balancing-and-juggling act of your hectic life… You can do it! πŸ˜€

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  2. Monday is when I do my recap of last week’s achievements so it can motivate me to do even better in the week ahead. Sometimes it works, other times it’s an epic fail but at least it’s a plan to deal with manic Mondays.
    I’m just reading your post so I hope the week is going well for you Simon.

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  3. Good luck with the projects and the magazine. Sounds overwhelming. Here’s to you. I’m sure you can get it done. Around here, I’m taking a short break from writing this week (he says as he jots some notes), but inspiration struck this morning, so I had to find the time.

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  4. All the best with work this week Simon and balancing everything in your busy life. I know what it feels like. My life’s ramped up a lot recently with work and the usual drama taking centre stage in my mind. Take care and enjoy that warmer weather. 😊

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  5. It’s surprisingly warm where I am too. I still feel like I ought to be wearing a coat, but I really, really don’t need one.

    For the coming week, I’m hoping to get a lot of writing done. I have a story to finish and no other commitments getting in the way, so I’m going to “attack it like a boss.”

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  6. I feel your pain where lack of time / energy is concerned! I have no doubt you will ‘attack it like a boss’. Weather is gorgeous here at the moment, isn’t it? here’s hoping for a tip-top week, my friend.

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      1. You are very welcome, Simon – what are friends for! Keep that noble chin up, dear chap. My week is verging on spiffing, but I -like you – am feeling the effects of not enough time and not enough sleep! Onwards and upwards though, eh? πŸ˜‰

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