ONLY 6 DAYS LEFT to the BATTLE: Which Book will be Published First? #amwriting #book #indiewriter

Have a look at the teasers for Warden and Nexus Gate! Get your vote in to have your say on which one get’s published first!

Simon šŸ™‚

candice coates

The Battle of the Booksblog tour and rounds are drawing to an end. Warden and Nexus Gate 40397: The AnimalĀ have both done brilliantly with each round of the battle, but only one will come away the champion with the title of being the first to be indie published between the two.

If you still havenā€™t read the teaser chapters, no worries, there is still time, and your vote definitely counts! The decision is still up in the air and the title of winner up for grasp.

Before IĀ do a recap of previous interviews done for the Battle of the Books and links to the blogs they were hosted on, I am going to conduct a final round of interviews with the main men of each tale; Senior Warden Vincent Jasper of Warden, and ā€˜Tuckerā€™ John JosephusĀ Spruce of Nexus Gate.

The interview questions in this round wereā€¦

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