Expansion of my social Empire

Something I’ve been pondering over for ages is how and where to move Planet Simon out to a larger audience. My big deal about is I don’t have the time to run loads of social media sites and to be honest I have no will to either as I spend too much time in front of a computer anyway.

So I’ve gone a bit halfway, I’ve created a Facebook page rather than create a whole new profile: www.facebook.com/BlogPlanetSimon

The downside is that I can’t stream all my posts to the page but I can live with this. But click on the link and I’ll put up some of the posts from on here, and a few other things besides.

Many of you also follow me on Twitter, but in case you don’t know where I am you can find me on: twitter.com/Planet_Simon

Then there is the kind of weird Instagram… I don’t really know what do do with this and I don’t have much on there, but if you’re interested then have a look: www.instagram.com/duracellguy

The newest additions to my little social media arsenal are my Pinterest and Stumbledupon pages. Like IG I’m finding these a bit weird, but come and have a look it seems that these are place to collect all kinds of stuff from all over the internet. Kinda cool… but weird.

Lastly I’m also on Wattpad, if I get 5 minutes I’ll see if I can develop some story ideas on here. Watch this space for sure!

While I love it for my bloggies to see what’s going on elsewhere on my planet the idea is to find new readers and reach out to a wider audience. I have no idea if it will work… we’ll see I guess!

I hope you’re all well!

Simon 🙂



15 thoughts on “Expansion of my social Empire”

  1. Good luck Simon. We are on the same journey and it is complex! I have to clean up my FB page to actually remove my auto WP postings. Maybe use IG to post quotes & images related to images and join a few FB groups to exchange.

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  2. Good luck with it all! It is time consuming though. I get most interaction from my wordpress followers for creative writing posts, but when I occasionally have a political rant, as earlier this week, it gets more response from being shared via Facebook. I’m off to follow your various pages now!

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  3. I’ll check out your other social media. I started my YouTube channel for the same reason – to meet a wider audience – and I have found lots of people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.
    I’ll link my profiles here just in case another reader would like to check out my platforms too
    Blog https://runwright.net
    YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0_GIXHEhf_M8revIn6_9iA
    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/karen_runwright/

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  4. PS. Your Instagram page is private so I sent a request. Just FYI though, it might be more likely that people will follow you on IG if they can see your images first to determine what kind of content you will be sharing.

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