Adam and Eve and those 900 Years

Just to make sure that everyone reading this starts at the same point, Adam and Eve were supposed to have been about 900 years old when they died. During a quiet time this got me thinking – how can humans, even the humans that were meant to have walked this Earth first possibly live to 900 years old?

It’s said that the human being is meant to live about 70 years. Sure you get some living longer, especially in this day and age but so far to live over 100 years old is the exception and not the norm. A human that’s over 100 years old is normally pretty frail as well so getting to 900 seems a bit of a stretch.

But I think I have a possible explanation, at least in my mind anyway.

Imagine you’re the first humans on Earth. You’re supposedly living in the fertile crescent and it’s a fairly temperate place to live. How much difference is there between winter and summer? There are no watches and Gregory hasn’t yet invented his calendar. The other issue is that the Chinese and their astronomers haven’t been invented yet either. There will be only two indications of time that you will be aware of – the first is obviously day and night and the only other that I can think of is the moon.


Every 28 days this shining disc in the sky waxes and wanes and every 28 days there will be a full moon where for a few nights the scary darkness is illuminated and isn’t quite so scary. That moon thing sure would be important and you would get used to knowing when it comes out and how long it would be until it comes again. I’m sure the time it took between full moon’s had a special name, something like a cycle or something.

However at this point there probably isn’t any way for you to tell that the huge rock you’re on is circling the bright warm thing every 300 and something odd days. But that cool Moon thing – yeah! You’ll know all about that! So if we wanted to work out what was meant between a lunar cycle and a year, it could be pretty confusing.



So I did a little bit of thinking to see how this held up. Working out how many times the moon would have orbited the Earth i that time, which is once every 28 days, so thirteen times a year. Assuming Adam and Eve lived to 70 – guess what? They would have seen a full moon 910 times.


Now I don’t want to be hung drawn and quartered for heresy or anything, I’m not saying this is how it was – but it’s a bit of a coincidence. So often we’re told thing that we take as fact. I’m not trying to prove or disprove God, this is merely an exercise in thinking outside of what we’re told and putting myself in their shoes.

Time in many senses is not easily perceivable. Without watches and the gadgets we have today time could only be measure in the crudest of ways and this is what we would all face without it. Day and night would be the smallest measure we could know about working out a year without a calendar and a lot of spare time (which you don’t have when you’re trying to survive) would be pretty damn hard. Counting 900 of them might have got a little boring too!

Simon 🙂


46 thoughts on “Adam and Eve and those 900 Years

  1. haha. I’m thrilled by your imaginative powers for you to be cook up something like this. Your imagination really does run far away from you, haha… At least you emphasized that this was merely a theory, and not to pass as fact or anything of that nature. Check out this post, I stretched the imaginations around Adam and Eve a little more, and conducted an interview with them, haha. I’m sure you would love it.

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    1. I’m pleased to hear toy like the imagination. Its merely a train of thought and seemed to include some interesting parallels if you used some simple facts. I world never claim this to be real.
      I had a read through your adam and eve interview. I needed to devote more time lol

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  2. Agree with the above but just wanted to point out that I doubt very much that they got bored counting 900 lunar cycles … they didn’t have TV, technology or any of the other distractions we find today so the moon was probably an exciting diversion?


  3. You make good points Simon. In the Bible when I was young, we learned humans since sometime in OT after Noah, could only live 120 years no longer. I remember reading an article in university where they said whatever scientists do, they cannot make cells live longer then a lifespan which would support this. Also we learned that people if they did live longer, they aged a lot slower. I think even Isaac was forty-something (Abrahams son) when he was a good age to marry. Though I do believe humans used to live long, I wonder about disease and things like that. Did it still effect them as badly, or were people not so sick then. Another thing I wonder is in the Bible numbers are often symbolic and as you seem to say, who was really keeping count. Did their calander (if they had one) match the Roman calender it was based off of? But you are right, it makes sense they would follow the moon. I just think that’s an awful long time to live in a world where life was much rougher than it was now.

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    1. There are some facts that have to be adhered to and there is a lot if symbolism in the bible. The world would have been a rough place then…
      Thanks for taking so much time for such a great comment Mandibelle ☺

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  4. I think it’s a great explanation. Ties in with a great deal of poetical allusions (as opposed to illusions).
    Thanks to a history of and a still large number of rather enthusiastically literal-minded fellow Christians there is this belief that the final word is the literal interpretation of the Bible; or to be more detailed the Western/First World English translation of the Latin translation of the Greek translations of the Aramaic accounts….of the Hebrew accounts and so forth.
    Now! when you have to bear in mind that many of the older books such as Genesis were poetical or philosophical or both, musings or interpretations as how the folk of those times came to grips with a deity, Creation etc then taking the literal word of the English translation, etc, etc etc is not a very sound basis (At this stage I usually get howled at by both fundamentalists and their atheistic alternatives for not being faithful to my beliefs, which is when I leave the discussion and read comics).
    Some opinions say the ‘life’ of such characters is meant to indicate the span of their tribe or family as an identifiable unit, and others will respond by saying, no, it is simply a poetical device.
    To repeat Simon, I think the notions of the recording of cycles by lunar measurement is a very credible idea, when bearing in mind the ‘artistic’ basis of the accounts themselves.
    (Ok I’m done…)

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    1. Wow… Great comment! I agree with all of this and will only add that these literal translations have led to do much pain, death and abuse of power that it makes a mockery of the message of love in the bible.

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      1. Thanks Simon. Yes us Humans do have a knack of taking words and using them as swords. When Marx wrote Das Kapital I’m sure he didn’t have Pol Pot’s Killing Fields or Lenin/Stalin’s way of dealing with ‘suspicious’ folk in mind. Then there’s ISIS’ perverted view of Islam….and so forth. (we never learn)

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      2. Maybe our primordial ancestors didn’t so much climb down out of the trees but fell out of them onto their heads and the resultant brain damage became genetic?


  5. Though the idea of A&E living 900 years is only one of many parts of the story I find problematic, I can’t help but admire your awesome theory. It’s so mathematically (and cosmically) elegant… great job 🙂

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  6. I like the theory Simon. Counting moons would certainly be a more useful way if marking time; much more so than what we refer to as years. Counting days and moons is more accurate, just as seconds, minutes are more accurate than days and months (moons).

    Caves paintings in Lascaux, France, dating back 15,000 years, are said to depict a lunar calendars.

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  7. What if it were actually 7000 years because after all the zeros stop mattering after some time if time is flowing in a very different way and then it is perhaps 91,000 times that they saw the full moon or even 70,000 years (heck, why not) and that means 910,000 moons. Would it make less or more sense. Do we really have that pretense? To know how it would chime, the time that came before time?

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    1. Hi Ellie, I’m glad you found it too. Thanks for such a great response. Something else you might be interested in is my concept for a sci fi and fantasy writers hub. How you’re well ☺

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      1. I wish I was about to rain deliverables, but I’m so stretch for time these days. There’s so much going on at home. I will of course be supporting you and catching up with the magazine and the book 🙂


  8. That is definitely an interesting idea! I’m not sure when calendars were figured out to be remotely close to the years we have now – but in many religious circles it’s believed that a) the world was a nicer more even temperatured place back then b) no crazy diseases and c) that it was standard to live that long for humans then… as many descendants of Adam and Eve were recorded in the Bible as having lived even longer… Enoch for example, and especially Methuselah. And that it wasn’t until after the flood that humans lessened the length at which they lived on average (soon (comparatively) becoming standard to die in your 30s/40s)… all that being said, who the fuck knows??! Some people take the 7 days of creation literally and some people say it’s figurative and a “day” was a Millenia …none of us were actually there… so if Adam and Eve existed as the bible states then your theory is definitely as valid as the literal interpretation 🙂

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