Murphy’s Law – Lunch Prep

Murphy’s law of probability or sod’s law is summarised by the saying “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” This is a new little series intended to be a numerous and light hearted look at the world of cock up. More often than anything it’s the small things in life that stress us out, I know this is the case with me. This is a kind of reverse psychology look at the fact that when things go wrong – it ain’t that bad really.


Making lunch in the morning before work is such a drag. One night you find yourself being prepared and making it early the night before, the feeling of happiness you feel from this enables you to sleep well.

In the morning your happiness vanishes in an instant when the lunch you prepared is no longer where you left it.its nowhere – it’s gone. Signs in the rubbish bin indicate that a servant of Murphy has decided you lunch would make a great late night feast.

You scream. Murphy’s Law has struck. Again.

What’s you view on Murphy’s Law, how has it struck you in the past… I hope you my fellow bloggies enjoy this little featurette.

Simon 🙂

32 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law – Lunch Prep

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  1. Oh dear! My variation of this would cast me as the agent of Murphy here (Boyfriend and Beasties know better than to even look at my food)… Assuming I was ever organised enough to make lunch the night before, I’d forget it was there until I passed the point of no return on my walk into work. Gaaaaah! 😭 This is a great idea for a series though… I’m interested to see where and when Sod will strike next!

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  2. No mysterious lunches disappearing round here but my own bit of mystery Simon. We’re camping at the moment and it’s idyllic by the river, the serenity and all. Went to do the breakfast dishes this morning in the camper and the plug’s completely disappeared. Gone. So what’s a woman to do? You guessed it, no dishes! 😊

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  3. I often prepare my lunch in advance, and the same thing happened to me. The defense the son offered was that it had been there for two days. No. I had made the same lunch for two days in a row! LOL

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  4. I feel like Murphy is most prevalent when we aren’t prepared. When I’m rushing, anything that can, will happen to my clothes – button breaks off, can’t find the accessory I need for my outfit. But when I prepare in advance, things seems to fall in place easier.

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  5. This is a great idea! 😆 I feel your pain, as this often happens to me. Take last week for example: I got up early and made my lunch, so sat down to drink my tea and watch the news before I left the house. Left the house quite pleased with myself, only to realise halfway to work that I’d left my bloody lunch on the table! Arggggh! Possibly not sod’s law, probably just me being an idiot but I see where you’re coming from!

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  6. What a super little feature, I know I shall enjoy this immensely! Although I would say that loss of lunch warrants far more than a case of sod’s law – surely this is a humanitarian tragedy! I would cry for a week if someone took my food, then spend the rest of my life seeking revenge (people generally know not to touch my food). Nut I very much look forward to hearing more about The Law of the Sod 🙂

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