Murphy’s Law – Fixing things

Murphy's law of probability or sod's law is summarised by the saying "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." This is a new little series intended to be a numerous and light hearted look at the world of cock up. More often than anything it's the small things in life that stress us out, … Continue reading Murphy’s Law – Fixing things

Let’s Raise the Tide!

Have a look at this great post from Niki. Showing kindness to everyone around us is an amazing thing to do and until I read this I hadn't thought about how fun it could be too! Make sure you sign up to her kindness challenge too! Simon 🙂

Creating Powerful Intentions

Some great thoughts from my friend Niki on how to plan what you’ll do with 2017!

Simon ☺

Niki Meadows

With a new year beginning, promises of starting over, fresh, and new are on the minds of many. If you haven’t made your New Year’s resolutions, there’s no rush! In fact, I’d like to encourage you to take your time. Consider what you want the New Year to bring you. Where do you want to see yourself at the end of 2017? How does that play into the bigger vision you have? What steps do you need to take over the next year to be closer to making that vision a reality?

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