Christmas – How can it be different?

I’m cycling this post again… some of you may remember it!


Yup, it’s nearly here… Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. It does have one problem for me, it’s inside, all day and it never changes. well it didn’t change until a few years ago…

Part of the issue was my family and I were never with the ‘in’ crowd, so never got invited round for Christmas. So every year Christmas consisted of:

1) Tear paper off anything present like.

2) Start Christmas dinner.

3) Cook Christmas dinner while trying to get kids not to open the rest of their presents.

4) Christmas dinner cook drags.

5) Christmas dinner finally done, serve, eat and drink.

6) Clear up after Christmas dinner while feeling like I want to sleep.

7) Kids open more presents, TV etc until the end of the day.

OK – I admit, I’m exaggerating a bit. The thing is though, dinner was taking up a lot of time.  A dinner?!?!

So, it was agreed that Christmas dinner would be on Christmas eve and on Christmas day we would go… to the beach. Yes, the beach, in England, in Winter. It was great! Seriously, we watched a load of people run into the sea (some of them wearing bikini’s even… not all women either but I digress).

Instead of closing the door and shutting the world out – we went to the world at a time when it’s quiet. It was fun! I’m not saying you should be as mad as me and dash to the beach, whether wearing a bikini or not, but doing something different is refreshing and I’m sure it can be for some of you out there.

Happy Christmas.

Simon 🙂


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  1. This is wonderful, Simon! What a great “stepping out of the Christmas box” solution you and your family found. You liked my post about Our Moroccan New Year; did you see how we spent Christmas Eve? Being in a “foreign” land necessitated doing things differently, although we were well headed in that direction prior to coming here. There are several other catchy titles I’m going to peruse here now but here’s the link to Our Moroccan Christmas Story:
    Happy New Year


    1. Hi Alia,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog page. Like you I think that doing things differently adds a new dimension to that we and our lives in general.

      I greatly enjoyed you Moroccan Christmas. Again, so different, but in a good way.



  2. Reblogged this on sfarnell and commented:

    As it’s now December, I feel I can finally start using the C word. This is a repost of one of my first blog posts, I think it’s worth thinking about as Christmas can often be a very monotonus affair. Getting out and doing something on the day can make it better rather than focussing on a huge meal, but think about other ways to make it different and let me know your toughts.

    Simon 🙂


  3. Here’s to a ‘different’ Christmas! This year I have some friends coming over, we won’t have turkey as no one likes it, but there will be a casual feast, music, drinking and no doubt a bit of naked trampolining before the day is done. A very Merry one to you and all your readers 🙂

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  4. Love this idea! Our Christmas will be a bit different this year…. although I won’t be running into what I imagine is very cold water! But who knows, maybe that’s thrilling on a new level!


  5. I love traditions but I also love mixing it up, this year we will still continue to have a dinner (albeit scaled down), and then we will share our Christmas tradition with a couple new guests I’ve invited over and our new son-in-law. Board games! Every year we get a new one and we play for hours while laughter and music fills the air. I rather like the idea of going to the beach and if it were closer to where I live would absolutely add that to the list. Merry Christmas my friend. xo


  6. It’s always a great idea to go out and have a different experience. I must say I have never been to the beach on Christmas day, not even when I lived in warm and sunny Jamaica. The day after Christmas maybe, but not on Christmas day. Enjoy your non-traditional celebration.

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