Life the universe and aging…

This morning I wok up and remembered one thing, that was that I’m no longer 21 but in fact…


Now for those of you that know me well and my love of Hitchhikers, this number has a great deal of significance in the universe. Mostly it means…


Which is good considering my now advancing years. So I didn’t I picked up my towel and trotted off to work on what is a normal day!

I should have planned ahead more but come along to my birthday blog party, come and find some birthday cheer and fattening food and indulge yourselves! All are welcome and make sure you come and say hi!


Have a great time you guys!

Simon  🙂


102 thoughts on “Life the universe and aging…

    1. Thank you so much Carolyn your good wishes are appreciated. I hope the forties improve for me… So far they’ve been crap.
      Thanks for the follow too… You’re my 1200th follower… So very special ☺

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