Vanquish – The silver lining in my cloud


I’ve spent the last few days not feeling great at all, the stress off everything has been getting to me. For the last couple of days I struggled into work not really 100%. The Spotify decides to not play ball grrr… so I go searching, click on the Two Steps from Hell logo and bugger me sideways! They’ve only just released a new album – Vanquish.

I’ve been searching, looking and keeping an eye out all year to find out what they’ve been up to and now it’s here! Finally and the name sounds amazing. It gets better when I listen to each of the tracks, inspired music to pick me up Fall of the Fountain world, Pegasus, Vanquish and New world Order are the first four tracks, totally inspirational listening with magical vocals where needed – I already feel better.

I’ve even been kind enough to post the link to the album for you Spotify listeners:

Vanquish – Two Steps from Hell

I’ve been waiting all year for this and they deliver when I need it most – thanks for screwing up Spotify or I might not have found it – every cloud has a silver lining. I realise that now!

Great work Thomas and Nick!

Simon 🙂


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